Who the heck is Paul Nurkkala?

(and why do I care..?)

Me standing with Chad Kapper, original creator of Flite Test. Photo credit to Wai @ http://www.fpvraceleague.com/
Me standing with Chad Kapper, original creator of Flite Test.
Photo credit to Wai @ http://www.fpvraceleague.com/


My name is Paul Nurkkala, also known in the FPV racing world as “Bulbufet” — a carry over from days gone when I was randomly assigned a username by a video game. My interest in FPV racing is driven not only by the exciting thrills that come from being a pilot, building a machine, and pitting your skills against other pilots from around the world, but also the culture and passion that is constantly demonstrated by the FPV community.

FPV is more than a hobby. Like playing an instrument or learning how to paint, it’s a form of self-expression. You don’t do it as mere entertainment, but you practice, you meet others, and you challenge yourself to push harder, go faster, and achieve more. I believe that the process (so far) of becoming an FPV pilot has driven me to learn and achieve more in just a few months in a particular skill than much else before has managed, and it’s this process that I’m attempting to document.

Watching Charpu and Steele
Watching Charpu and Steele

* Photo used with permission from http://fpvraceleague.com/

Behind the captivating content and rabid racing videos that pilots upload every day is mountains of work, hours of practice, and constant fiddling. The heart and soul demonstrated by the FPV community is rare in a world of instant gratification driven by video games and cell phones. It takes hard work and dedication to become a top pilot, and working towards that is my goal. Along the way, I’m documenting the process — everything that I produce is around the idea of “what it takes” to become a skilled pilot. I’m not here to only document the successes that I achieve, but also the trials and tribulations that pilots go through along the way. I’m telling the story of becoming a pilot.

Glad my quad isn't quite as beat up as the freestylers'. (photo credit to fpvraceleague.com)
Glad my quad isn’t quite as beat up as the freestylers’. (photo credit to fpvraceleague.com)


If you’re interested in hearing my story, following along, and learning from my countless mistakes, please check this website, and feel free to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. This website serves as a supplemental tool to support the content that I produce for YouTube. If you’d like to contact me, please use my contact page to reach out. I’ll respond ASAP.




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