Atmospheric Adventures Hercules

This is a build of the Atmospheric Adventures Hercules. The “Herc” is designed specifically to fit the Connex Prosight, the current standard in low-latency digital FPV. With special mounting holes in the top plate, and a wider-than-normal body, it’s designed to protect the expensive gear for the prosight. The build itself ended up on the heavy side, but that’s with very powerful, heavy motors, and large ESCs with lots of protection on them. I’m confident I could drop 50g on this build if I was careful with some decisions that I made. But — the goal for this was to be a beater that I could fly hard and practice over the coming months.

Full build information:

Pickup this awesome Connex Prosight Frame here:

See it in action here:

As you can see, this was taken fairly late at night. I was using the Prosight “HP” (high performance) mode, with “Night Mode” set to “High.” It made twilight hours JUST bright enough to get another couple packs in, as the winter months set in on us.

See it being built here:


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