Awards and Races

Hobbywing European Cup
10th Place out of 64

Brogan Fest at the Falcon Roost
First Place, and Qualified first Place

Bill Lear Innovator’s Cup Qualifier – Falcon Roost
First Place, and Qualified first Place 

Heart of America Double Global Qualifier
First Place in both back to back Races

Micro Race, City Museum of St. Louis
Second Place overall

Mayhem: Dawn till Dusk 12 Hour Team Race
Part of First Place Team: Heart of America. 

New York City Drone Film Festival – Freestyle Category
Won Category

AirVuz Drone Video Awards – Micro Drone Acro Mode
Won Category

MultiGP National Championships
Finished 17th

2018 DRL Allianz World Championship
Placed 1st 

— From here out, it’s reverse date — 

Mega Drone X 2016

Placed 7th in 6″ class.


Flight Bash 2016

Placed 1st.

Freestyling at Flight Bash 2016.

Flymore – Savoana Mill – 2016

Placed 2nd and qualified for DSA Drone Nationals.

Hanging out at the Mill
Hanging out at the Mill

DSA – Drone Nationals 2016

Placed 2nd, individual quad racing.

Just before a podium finish at USA Drone Nationals 2016
Just before a podium finish at USA Drone Nationals 2016

MultiGP Nats 2016

Placed 11th overall, having qualified against over 600 pilots.

Preparing for finals

DSA Drone Worlds 2016

Placed 2nd, individual quad racing.

Podium finish at Drone Worlds 2016.
Podium finish at Drone Worlds 2016.

XDC-HD, 2016

Placed 3rd, Individual quad racing, amongst 16 of the best pilots in the USA.

Podium finish at XDC-HD.

ADP Season Opener

First place victory against a sampling of pro pilots.

Cincinnati Quad Racers // Rust Remover // Season Opener

PLaced 1st. Qualified 3rd after a midair collision early on.

1st place, Midwest Drone Battle v2, May 2017.

Last Place, DRL Season 2, Level 1, Miami Nights

2nd Place: DRL Season 2.  Level 2. Atlanta Aftermath.

2nd Place: DRL Season 2. Level 3. Mardi Gras World.

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Takeoff in New Orleans 🚀#DRL

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9th place, DRL Season 2, level 5, Munich, Germany

2nd Place. 3B Regional Finals. MultiGP 2017.

First Place. Hawks RC. August 5th, 2017:

33rd overall at the MultiGP International Open. Placed out of 300 pilots, and against the best pilots in the world. I had 2 hours of sleep the night before due to travel mishaps, so I’m very happy with how I did despite that.

6th overall at MultiGP Nationals, qualified 4th, fastest lap of the week.

1st Place, Great Lakes Cup, Grand Rapids, Michigan

First Place, Louisville Maker Faire Micro Race, 2017

First Place, Dayton Drones BB&T Cup

First Place, Pro Class, Mega Drone X2.0

First Place, Spec Class, Mega Drone X 2.0

First Place, FPV and Freestyle Category, Flying Robot International Film Festival for “Flight of the Year”

First Place, FPV Category, Los Angeles Drone Film Festival

Second place, Louisville winter warehouse

First Place, Whiskey Warehouse Race 1

FPV Video of the Year, AirVuz, Freestyle Video of the Year

Fourth Place, Sebring 2018

First Place, DRL Season 3 Level 1 – California Nights

Third Place, DRL Season 3 Level 3 – Biosphere 2

8th Place, MultiGP North Central Regional Final

1st Place, IGP Monster Energy Air Race

IGP Pumpkin Dash – 5th Place

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Yesterday we hosted a race in one of the worst imaginable conditions I've experienced. While the 40mph gusts may have seemed trivial, the hilarity of the fact that we kept racing was crystallized to me when the waitress at Open Range Bar & Grill stated that her usual route to work was blocked because of an oak tree that had fallen across the road to work. Despite this, we had an awesome race with wonderful people. The best pilots of the day definitely won. Alex Campbell showed us his stuff and dominated qualifying and elimination heats, winning triple A mains handily, only requiring two heats to put away his victory. Jerrod Quillen and Jake Schneider rounded out the podium. One of the highlights of the race for me was running the 3" props on a 5" quad challenge. We all swapped out our props and launched without ever even test hovering. I managed to get the win, but JohnEly was right there ready to pounce if I made any mistakes. It was a BLAST. Thanks everyone that attended for your patience with our new chapter as we are trying to figure out what works, and screw you, mother nature for being so rough on us this day and giving us a beautiful day the next. STAY FLYING BOYS! #fpv #fpvracing #fpvracer #drone #drones #droneracing #droneracer #droneracingleague #aerialphotography #fpvdrones #fpvrace #miniquadclub #multirotor #quadcopter #tmotor #goodventuredrones #CNHL # chinahobbyline #chinahobbylinedotcom #ministar

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1st Place – Boston Warehouse Championship