VLOG 01 – Becoming an FPV Pilot — VLOG Launch


I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about what it means to be a multirotor pilot. And, with the help of a session of just talking at the camera and trying to understand what all of it meant to me, I was actually able to clarify a lot of things for myself, and help myself better understand what it’s all about and what goes in to making the awesome flight videos that we get to see. Hint: it’s not easy, and it takes a lot of work to get there:

When I finished filming that video, I started to think about the story and all of the work that goes in to creating this awesome content, winning races, and becoming a pilot. While I don’t think my story is unique, I DO think it’s untold. I want to start sharing with everyone the process that I’ve been taking having gone from never flown a drone or plane before to competing in national competitions. I’ve just finished up episode 1, and it’s all about getting ready for a trip up to Chicago for a race there. It’s a bit longer than your standard ball-rippin FPV session, but it’s attempting to tell the story behind getting that footage — all the trouble and frustration that pilots put themselves through just to get those couple good shots.

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Update — Feedback for next video:

  • Normalize Audio — Gets very quiet when I’m talking, then music is loud. I’ll have to edit with headphones next time
  • ELI5 Technical Things — This is probably going to be content more for newcommers than experts, so I might as well help clarify things along the way
  • Maybe trim out a little bit more so that it’s not quite as long

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