COMM-Chat initial setup


These are the instructions for installing comm-chat on your local computer. This should be everything you need to get running locally for development. I tested this on OSX 10.9, but there might be other problems that I don’t know about. For me, the biggest problem is installing node, but it should be pretty straightforward.

  • Install node 
  • Clone the repo
    • git clone
  • cd comm-chat
  • npm install
    • Uses node to install everything that you need to run the server
  • node index.js
    • This command runs the comm-chat server on your http://localhost:3000. Once you run it, you should be able to view the app from there
  • And done!


The two things you should take notice are the client and server. You’ve already run the server following the above example, and for this site, this server actually sends the client to you (at localhost:3000). In index.html, it initiates an angular application called ChatApp. This chatapp is what controls the front end of the application, and index.js is what controls the backend. If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Relevant Reading/Learning

Next Steps

(in no particular order)

  • Support usernames
  • hook up to database
  • prettification
  • notify which user says what
  • set up a basic webserver so that this is running permanently
  • authentication, instead of just open to all
  • chatrooms


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