Drone Eclipse Anubis

This is the Drone Eclipse Anubis. It was sent to me for an episode of The FPV Livestream  by none other than Scott Perry, owner and curator of Drone Eclipse. Catch the re-run of the episode here:

I also posted about it prior to the livestream over here on paulnurkkala.com.

The build of the machine was actually kinda fun. The whole machine is basically built upside down. All of the PDB, ESCs, and various electronics are installed with the “top” of the craft on the bench, and then the whole thing is inverted and that bottom plate that felt like the top plate becomes the top plate. It’s very interesting and very fun. The ESCs are very intentionally built into the underside of the arms which I’m a huge fan of. I went through a phase where I was killing MANY ESCs due to prop strikes (after which I started using ESC protectors), so I’m a fan of having the ESCs hidden away.

Finally, the obvious huge upside of this quad is that the prop-line is centered with the battery. That means that the center of thrust (COT) is equal with the center of mass (COM). That SHOULD in theory mean that at least the roll rotation will be as close to perfect as it can be, which is incredible. While I’ve only flown a few packs on the Anubis, I did find it very easy to tune, and it does feel a little bit different in the air. In addition, because the prop line is so high, it is easy to put the FPV camera down underneath the line of the props, which makes for an improved flying experience (at least I think so). The things that I’m going to be watching out for on this frame is the camera protector. I have no worries about any of the carbon fiber. Everything is cut the right way, it’s extremely stiff, and strong in all the right places. However, the Nylon camera guard does have potential to get crushed in, but it’s surprisingly stiff, so time will have to tell. On yeah, and if you use the RunCam Swift 2, make sure to use the back plate that doesn’t have the little “nubs” that help aim the camera. They won’t fit in the camera protector. Anyways, check it out and get yourself one now!

Provided here is some footage from one of the late maiden flights. I spent about 3 batteries tuning this, so the tune definitely has room for improvement (we’ll call it 80% of the way there), but for now it’s flying admirably, and I’ll probably only make small modifications from here on. For now, enjoy the brief flight and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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