Gremlins be Keeping Me Down

Some days, just have bad days, too. I just upgraded to 4S batteries after a long time of tuning, practicing and getting ready with 3S. I had been waiting for the better part of a week to get out and fly 4S for a bit, get used to the way it felt, and tune it up. During my FIRST flight, I did a long, rolling flip, and smashed down on the roof of the quad, throwing one of my Lumeniere 75-150C, 4S batteries, tearing the positive and negative leads out of the battery. The “tray” for the mobius/Yi was shorn from its zip ties, and I had to do some quick field surgery to fix it.

Well, when I got it back in the air, I found that my 12V was killing, since the Polulu that I had set up busted a little bit in the crash, I think. Still not sure what I’m going to do about that. I’m thinking about skipping the polulu and sending the power through straight to my camera, but after passing through an LC filter. I’ve just had so much trouble with my voltage regulators breaking, and they’re such a pain to fix. I think they’re just getting in the way, at this point, I’m sorry to say. Since my quad stopped working on FPV, I started tuning LOS to continue the tuning process. I actually think that I started getting a decent tune when I rolled it straight into the ground, and decided I should call it a day.

I hope you enjoy this montage of failure, because I certainly did not enjoy getting the footage for it.

So yeah, I’m not totally sure what my plan is for what to do next. As I continue to get better at flying, I’m finding that I’m more often asking questions like “how do I keep this from breaking” and “how do I prepare for contingencies” rather than “how can I get this to go faster”?


What do you think about preparing for bad things to happen? What steps have you taken to prevent damage that keeps you out of the air?


Here are some pictures from the crash aftermath:


Smashed up antenna and mangled props.
Ripped the battery leads right out of that battery..


I actually did have one good flight, but this is the flight that ended in the battery breaking crash. 🙁


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