How to use a 5v UBEC with a Naze32

If you’re like me, and you bought the MiniQuadBros build kit, you may not have known ahead of time what a UBEC was or why it was necessary.

What’s a UBEC?

UBEC stands for Universal Battery Elimination Circuit. Basically, it takes power from the battery and “cleans” it, to prevent and lower any kind of fluctuation of power before providing it to the flight controller. It prevents “noise” in the power on the flight controller. And, the happier the flight controller, the better it flies.

How Do I install it with a Naze32?

The UBEC needs to stand between the input of the power from the battery and the flight controller. The UBEC is what will be providing power to the Naze32. ESC (electronic speed controllers) can come with BECs and they cannot. In the case of MiniQuadBros, their ESCs did not come with BECs, and that’s why we need it in this case. If your ESCs DO have a BEC, then the proper procedure is to connect 1 ESC with all wires, and 3 ESCs with only the ground and signal wires. Essentially, snip the red wires off of 3 of the ESCs, and that 4th ESC will provide clean power to the FC.

In the case of needing a UBEC, do the following

  • Solder the power cables of the UBEC directly to battery. In my case, I’m using an abusemark Power Distribution Board (PDB), so I soldered into that. Others might use a power harness or some such animal, but I prefer the PDB.
  • Then, connect the servo lead on the UBEC to servo port 5 of the Naze32.
  • Done.

That’s it!

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