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Nearly 3 years ago, I started FPV Chat. At this point in FPV history, there wasn’t a lot around. Facebook groups on FPV were burgeoning, and the primary means of realtime communication was via a chatroom on IRC. While it was never necessary, I created a chatroom to build a community around FPV — I wanted a place that would allow people to ask and answer questions in realtime, rather than having to wait for a response on reddit, facebook, or RC Groups. Enter: FPV Chat and the slack chat room. Initially, the chatroom was met with a little bit of uncertainty – why would we have another place that we have to go to chat and hang out. But, slowly, over time, the chat grew, and pulled in more people. Over the three years that I’ve run it, FPV Chat has grown to 4,000 members, and has helped thousands of people with their personal growth in FPV.

Very shortly after the chatroom started, I found that I couldn’t manage all of it on my own. I brought admins in and asked for their help building the community that we all wanted to see: a place for people to hang out, ask and answer questions, and enjoy the hobby together. These admins have done an awesome job over the intervening years, even to the point where I have almost entirely stepped back from the day to day of running the chatroom. For this, I am extremely grateful — there’s no way that we could have built FPV chat without their help.

However, being inactive is a double-edged sword. Despite that the admins are in place and they are doing their best to manage 4,000 people, things can still go wrong, and at the end of the day I am held responsible for them. In recent years, I’ve done an poor job of owning that responsibility, and I wish longer to carry the burden. If I had more time, and I was not pursuing many other opportunities, I would be thrilled to help carry the torch of FPV chat, but it’s my strong belief that the responsibility would be best carried by someone that can be more attentive to the situations therein.

And to those that will accuse me of “running” from my responsibility – you’re absolutely right. I need to be out. Despite that I started this community around the idea of giving and receiving help, it has often lead to situations in my own life that are extremely toxic, and these are situations things that I need to remove. I know that some people will see this as cowardice and absolution of responsibility, but when there is a cancer in your life it’s something that needs to be addressed, and handing over leadership and leaving is the only way I can see to do this with the amount of time that I have available for the community.

To that end, Hyph will be taking over ownership and responsibilities of slack. A personal friend and founding member of the chatroom, he knows, lives and breaths FPV chat. He’s a wise man, and has tougher skin than I ever will, so he’ll lead FPV chat to the next 4,000, 8,000 members and beyond. I know that FPV chat has become a home for many, and it’s helped many people along their journeys both in FPV and in life, and I desperately hope to hear that these stories continue to rise to the top. I’m excited to hear about FPV Chat’s continued journey from Hyph and others about how people are helped and furthered by the chatroom, and I hope you can all understand why I am making these decisions.

Stay flying.


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