Liftoff – Track Builder Feedback

90 degree turns

When rotating an object, it would be awesome to be able to rotate it by 90 degrees by holding some sort of modifier key. I.e. hold control + P to rotate by 90 degrees from whatever angle you’re at.

Remember Rotation

The next time you place an object after changing the rotation, it should retain the rotation of the previously placed object. This way, when you are placing things along a curve or in an off-angle line, you’ll retain the exact same rotation from start to finish.


It’s very easy to get stuck in stuff, especially the porches of the buildings on Autumn Leaves. There needs to be a way to ‘clip out’. Usually an “unstuck” command.


There are inaccessible portions of the Autumn Leaves map because you can’t get over the fence. There needs to be a way to jump so that you can more easily navigate the map.


One of the better parts about FPV racing is that it allows for racing in the 3rd dimension — verticality. We need some way to build courses that have both elements on the ground, as well as obstacles that are tall and fun to navigate through at heights. Towers to fly down into or out of, obstacles high in the air, etc, are all examples.

Ideas for new Obstacles


Basically, it’s nice to be able to build walls in the game. I’ve been doing it by placing flags in a row, but that’s kinda a pain, and might start causing performance issues.


When I don’t have the opportunity to explain the course to everyone that flies it, as though we were there together in person, it’s hard to explain a course. Thus, I’ve been placing arrows on the course to help explain where to go when learning the course. I’ve been using my “flag panels” and placing cones on them to make arrows, which looks really cool, but isn’t super convenient.

Minecraft Style Trusses

This goes along with the verticality building idea. Allow us to build “trusses” on the course “minecraft” style where you keep building things on top of one another.

One thought on “Liftoff – Track Builder Feedback

  • January 8, 2016 at 10:27 am

    Howdi, im kinda stuck in the track builder, i can scroll through the items, gates maps cones etc rotate them and so on but i cant figure out how to drop them onto the track ?

    keep up the good work dude !


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