Livestream // Drone Eclipse Anubis

This week on the FPV Livestrseam, we are going to be building the Drone Eclipse Anubis. I have owned Drone Eclipse frames for a long time. I owned the Drone Eclipse Shiv 5″ for the last year, and I think it’s an incredible frame. I’ve been very excited to see what Drone Eclipse would do next, and they’ve lived up to it with the Anubis. I’m especially excited about it because the center of gravity is right in ┬áline with the prop line, which means that it should be extremely maneuverable. I’m very excited to build and fly this because of those reasons. So, get ready for this build on Wednesday, April 26th, at 9:00p EST!

Parts being considered for this build:

  • Lumeneire 2206/2450kv Motors
  • TBS Bullet Proof 25A ESC
  • Flip 32 F3
  • TBS Unify
  • RTFQ 5v/12v PDB
  • Futaba 2001SB
  • Runcam Swift

Check out the Livestream on Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “Livestream // Drone Eclipse Anubis

  • April 25, 2017 at 1:06 am

    This is awesome, I’m in love with mine and it is one of the testers/prototype. I have put a massive beating on it. I have a video on my YouTube channel of how to get a quad out of a tree and another one stuck in a tree. I used the Anubis to smash into a quad stuck in a tree. Durability test…And it passed.
    Ducksauce Tysdal on youtube

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