Naze32 + Buzzer + Taranis



When I purchased my Multicopter pack from Mini Quad Bros,  it came with a little buzzer, but the buzzer has no cabling and no good way of connecting it to the Naze32 board that I have. So, I decided to mod a servo lead on to the buzzer so that I could continue to use the header pins that came pre-installed on the Naze32 for me. I want my Naze32 to be modular so I can swap it out and move it to another quad if possible, so I really wanted to keep everything installed with the pinouts.



And here it is in action with the Taranis hooked up:


This video did a great job of explaining the Naz32+Taranis setup process for installing the buzzer. I won’t make a video of it because he does a good job:

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