NURK and team Heart of America Win Mayhem: Dawn Till Dusk 12 Hour Race

The Mayhem: Dawn till Dusk race was a 12 hour team endurance race down in New Orleans. The goal was to run the race from 7:00a to 7:00p. We came very close to those hours and ran an epic race. After about 7 lead changes back and forth, team Heart of America took the win over team Don’t Mess with Texas. It was an incredible opportunity and I hope to participate in something like it again. 

Mayhem was an epic adventure. 

The team race to end all team races, Mayhem: Dawn till Dusk ran 12 hours from 7:45a to 8:00p. Not just a test of speed and ability, but a battle of wits, endurance, and strategy. Ever since my first team race back at Sebring 2018, I have found this format to be one of the most exciting, drama filled events out there. Mayhem took this experience to the next level. I’m currently working on my video from the event, but I need to do some voiceover for it and I’m sick, so you’ll have to deal with this post for now. 

First off, thanks to Shannon Broussard for having the vision for the Mayhem series, and for the drive to pull together this 12 hour race. Ever since getting a chance to chat with you on the plane to Reno 2017, I’ve known and watched your passion for the sport grow, and I can’t wait to see where it takes you in the future. 

Multigp Drone RacingJoe ScullyChris Thomas, and Tommy Bartek, as always, were studs through the whole thing. Despite rain, technology, and HR issues throughout the event, they stayed on top of it and delivered an awesome experience. The somewhat sung heros of drone racing – you guys always crush it. 

Next up, Shawn Ames. You are the man. I’ve watched your career ever since you started the HOA vlog, and I’ve been able to watch you start and achieve your dream of the greatest FPV drone racing team in history. I know the work that you’ve put in and the passion you’ve invested, and I’m PROUD to be a part of your team. Keep crushing it. 

To the other pilots on the team: Jake Schneider,Nick HoffmannTimothy Ichiyasu “Itchyasshole”,Shaun TaylorJordan TemkinTristin Gilbert, andRhiannon Peterson thanks for all the hard work, dedication, and pushing through to get the job done. Jake, Tim and Shawn anchored the team and supported Me, Taylor, and Racebot to push through the last few hours to bring it home. Jet provided some amazing pit-bossing throughout. You guys are all champs. 

Until next time, I’m proud to be a part of team Heart of America, and I can’t wait to race with you all again. LETS GOOOOOOO!

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