NURK’s Betaflight 4.1 RPM Filtering PIDs and Setup for Freestyle


So it actually took me quite a bit of time to figure out how to get this tune pulled together. When I first flashed over and flew the stock tune on Betaflight, I honestly was pretty surprised how bad it flew, but I could tell that everything that wasn’t working was within the tune itself, so I kept playing with filtering settings and this is what I landed on. Basically, I found that the I term was way too high by default for my freestyle drone (399 SuperG with a pretty standard setup with Hobbywing), and the P and D settings were too low. I ended up pretty much doubling the Pitch P and adding a lot to the Roll P, and then adjusting the D term to follow. I still get a little bit of bounceback on the roll axis, so this is still a WIP, but really happy with it so far. 

The biggest difference that I’ve noticed from moving on from BF 3.5.7 (which is what I was previously running) is that the prop wash handling at the end of agressive maneuvers is limited or gone in most places, and I can really get some nice flicky sexy movements form the drone that I usually struggled with. I’ve put together a freestyle video for you to check out if you are interested.

Thanks to Joshua’s video for how to set all this up!

Config Tab


Rateprofile Tab

Filtering Tab

Full PID Dump

# Building AutoComplete Cache ... Done!
# dump

# version
# Betaflight / SYNERGYF4 (SYN4) 4.1.0 Oct  6 2019 / 06:48:58 (c6452a55c) MSP API: 1.42

# start the command batch
batch start

board_name SYNERGYF4
manufacturer_id KLEE

# name: NURK

# resources
resource BEEPER 1 B04
resource MOTOR 1 B00
resource MOTOR 2 B01
resource MOTOR 3 A03
resource MOTOR 4 A02
resource MOTOR 5 NONE
resource MOTOR 6 NONE
resource MOTOR 7 NONE
resource MOTOR 8 NONE
resource SERVO 1 NONE
resource SERVO 2 NONE
resource SERVO 3 NONE
resource SERVO 4 NONE
resource SERVO 5 NONE
resource SERVO 6 NONE
resource SERVO 7 NONE
resource SERVO 8 NONE
resource PPM 1 B14
resource PWM 1 B14
resource PWM 2 B15
resource PWM 3 C06
resource PWM 4 C07
resource PWM 5 C08
resource PWM 6 C09
resource PWM 7 NONE
resource PWM 8 NONE
resource SONAR_TRIGGER 1 A01
resource SONAR_ECHO 1 A08
resource LED_STRIP 1 A01
resource SERIAL_TX 1 A09
resource SERIAL_TX 2 NONE
resource SERIAL_TX 3 B10
resource SERIAL_TX 4 NONE
resource SERIAL_TX 5 NONE
resource SERIAL_TX 6 C06
resource SERIAL_TX 7 NONE
resource SERIAL_TX 8 NONE
resource SERIAL_TX 9 NONE
resource SERIAL_TX 10 NONE
resource SERIAL_TX 11 NONE
resource SERIAL_TX 12 NONE
resource SERIAL_RX 1 A10
resource SERIAL_RX 2 NONE
resource SERIAL_RX 3 B11
resource SERIAL_RX 4 NONE
resource SERIAL_RX 5 NONE
resource SERIAL_RX 6 C07
resource SERIAL_RX 7 NONE
resource SERIAL_RX 8 NONE
resource SERIAL_RX 9 NONE
resource SERIAL_RX 10 NONE
resource SERIAL_RX 11 NONE
resource SERIAL_RX 12 NONE
resource INVERTER 1 C00
resource INVERTER 2 NONE
resource INVERTER 3 NONE
resource INVERTER 4 NONE
resource INVERTER 5 NONE
resource INVERTER 6 NONE
resource INVERTER 7 NONE
resource INVERTER 8 NONE
resource INVERTER 9 NONE
resource INVERTER 10 NONE
resource INVERTER 11 NONE
resource INVERTER 12 NONE
resource I2C_SCL 1 NONE
resource I2C_SCL 2 NONE
resource I2C_SCL 3 NONE
resource I2C_SDA 1 NONE
resource I2C_SDA 2 NONE
resource I2C_SDA 3 NONE
resource LED 1 B05
resource LED 2 NONE
resource LED 3 NONE
resource RX_BIND 1 NONE
resource RX_BIND_PLUG 1 NONE
resource SPI_SCK 1 A05
resource SPI_SCK 2 NONE
resource SPI_SCK 3 C10
resource SPI_MISO 1 A06
resource SPI_MISO 2 NONE
resource SPI_MISO 3 C11
resource SPI_MOSI 1 A07
resource SPI_MOSI 2 NONE
resource SPI_MOSI 3 C12
resource ESCSERIAL 1 B14
resource CAMERA_CONTROL 1 A08
resource ADC_BATT 1 C02
resource ADC_RSSI 1 A00
resource ADC_CURR 1 C01
resource ADC_EXT 1 NONE
resource PINIO 1 B15
resource PINIO 2 NONE
resource PINIO 3 NONE
resource PINIO 4 NONE
resource USB_MSC_PIN 1 NONE
resource FLASH_CS 1 B03
resource OSD_CS 1 A15
resource GYRO_EXTI 1 C04
resource GYRO_EXTI 2 NONE
resource GYRO_CS 1 A04
resource GYRO_CS 2 NONE
resource USB_DETECT 1 C05
resource PULLUP 1 NONE
resource PULLUP 2 NONE
resource PULLUP 3 NONE
resource PULLUP 4 NONE
resource PULLDOWN 1 NONE
resource PULLDOWN 2 NONE
resource PULLDOWN 3 NONE
resource PULLDOWN 4 NONE

# timer
timer B14 AF9
# pin B14: TIM12 CH1 (AF9)
timer B15 AF9
# pin B15: TIM12 CH2 (AF9)
timer C06 AF3
# pin C06: TIM8 CH1 (AF3)
timer C07 AF3
# pin C07: TIM8 CH2 (AF3)
timer C08 AF3
# pin C08: TIM8 CH3 (AF3)
timer C09 AF3
# pin C09: TIM8 CH4 (AF3)
timer B00 AF2
# pin B00: TIM3 CH3 (AF2)
timer B01 AF2
# pin B01: TIM3 CH4 (AF2)
timer A03 AF1
# pin A03: TIM2 CH4 (AF1)
timer A02 AF1
# pin A02: TIM2 CH3 (AF1)
timer A01 AF2
# pin A01: TIM5 CH2 (AF2)
timer A08 AF1
# pin A08: TIM1 CH1 (AF1)
timer A09 AF1
# pin A09: TIM1 CH2 (AF1)
timer A10 AF1
# pin A10: TIM1 CH3 (AF1)

# dma
dma ADC 1 NONE
dma ADC 2 1
# ADC 2: DMA2 Stream 3 Channel 1
dma ADC 3 NONE
dma pin B14 NONE
dma pin B15 NONE
dma pin C06 0
# pin C06: DMA2 Stream 2 Channel 0
dma pin C07 0
# pin C07: DMA2 Stream 2 Channel 0
dma pin C08 0
# pin C08: DMA2 Stream 2 Channel 0
dma pin C09 0
# pin C09: DMA2 Stream 7 Channel 7
dma pin B00 0
# pin B00: DMA1 Stream 7 Channel 5
dma pin B01 0
# pin B01: DMA1 Stream 2 Channel 5
dma pin A03 1
# pin A03: DMA1 Stream 6 Channel 3
dma pin A02 0
# pin A02: DMA1 Stream 1 Channel 3
dma pin A01 0
# pin A01: DMA1 Stream 4 Channel 6
dma pin A08 0
# pin A08: DMA2 Stream 6 Channel 0
dma pin A09 0
# pin A09: DMA2 Stream 6 Channel 0
dma pin A10 0
# pin A10: DMA2 Stream 6 Channel 0

# mixer
mixer QUADX

mmix reset

# servo
servo 0 1000 2000 1500 100 -1
servo 1 1000 2000 1500 100 -1
servo 2 1000 2000 1500 100 -1
servo 3 1000 2000 1500 100 -1
servo 4 1000 2000 1500 100 -1
servo 5 1000 2000 1500 100 -1
servo 6 1000 2000 1500 100 -1
servo 7 1000 2000 1500 100 -1

# servo mixer
smix reset

# feature
feature -RX_PPM
feature -RX_SERIAL
feature -MOTOR_STOP
feature -SERVO_TILT
feature -GPS
feature -TELEMETRY
feature -3D
feature -RX_MSP
feature -RSSI_ADC
feature -LED_STRIP
feature -DISPLAY
feature -OSD
feature -AIRMODE
feature -RX_SPI
feature -SOFTSPI
feature -ESC_SENSOR
feature RX_SERIAL
feature LED_STRIP
feature OSD
feature AIRMODE

# beeper
beeper RX_LOST
beeper ARMING
beeper BAT_LOW
beeper RX_SET
beeper ARMED
beeper ON_USB

# beacon
beacon RX_LOST
beacon RX_SET

# map
map AETR1234

# serial
serial 20 1 115200 57600 0 115200
serial 0 64 115200 57600 0 115200
serial 2 2048 115200 57600 0 115200
serial 5 0 115200 57600 0 115200

# led
led 0 0,0::CV:0
led 1 0,0::C:0
led 2 0,0::C:0
led 3 0,0::C:0
led 4 0,0::C:0
led 5 0,0::C:0
led 6 0,0::C:0
led 7 0,0::C:0
led 8 0,0::C:0
led 9 0,0::C:0
led 10 0,0::C:0
led 11 0,0::C:0
led 12 0,0::C:0
led 13 0,0::C:0
led 14 0,0::C:0
led 15 0,0::C:0
led 16 0,0::C:0
led 17 0,0::C:0
led 18 0,0::C:0
led 19 0,0::C:0
led 20 0,0::C:0
led 21 0,0::C:0
led 22 0,0::C:0
led 23 0,0::C:0
led 24 0,0::C:0
led 25 0,0::C:0
led 26 0,0::C:0
led 27 0,0::C:0
led 28 0,0::C:0
led 29 0,0::C:0
led 30 0,0::C:0
led 31 0,0::C:0

# color
color 0 0,0,0
color 1 0,255,255
color 2 0,0,255
color 3 30,0,255
color 4 60,0,255
color 5 90,0,255
color 6 120,0,255
color 7 150,0,255
color 8 180,0,255
color 9 210,0,255
color 10 240,0,255
color 11 270,0,255
color 12 300,0,255
color 13 330,0,255
color 14 0,0,0
color 15 0,0,0

# mode_color
mode_color 0 0 1
mode_color 0 1 11
mode_color 0 2 2
mode_color 0 3 13
mode_color 0 4 10
mode_color 0 5 3
mode_color 1 0 5
mode_color 1 1 11
mode_color 1 2 3
mode_color 1 3 13
mode_color 1 4 10
mode_color 1 5 3
mode_color 2 0 10
mode_color 2 1 11
mode_color 2 2 4
mode_color 2 3 13
mode_color 2 4 10
mode_color 2 5 3
mode_color 3 0 8
mode_color 3 1 11
mode_color 3 2 4
mode_color 3 3 13
mode_color 3 4 10
mode_color 3 5 3
mode_color 4 0 7
mode_color 4 1 11
mode_color 4 2 3
mode_color 4 3 13
mode_color 4 4 10
mode_color 4 5 3
mode_color 5 0 0
mode_color 5 1 0
mode_color 5 2 0
mode_color 5 3 0
mode_color 5 4 0
mode_color 5 5 0
mode_color 6 0 6
mode_color 6 1 10
mode_color 6 2 1
mode_color 6 3 0
mode_color 6 4 0
mode_color 6 5 2
mode_color 6 6 3
mode_color 6 7 6
mode_color 6 8 0
mode_color 6 9 0
mode_color 6 10 0
mode_color 7 0 3

# aux
aux 0 0 0 1700 2100 0 0
aux 1 35 2 1675 2075 0 0
aux 2 39 1 1700 2100 0 0
aux 3 0 0 900 900 0 0
aux 4 0 0 900 900 0 0
aux 5 0 0 900 900 0 0
aux 6 0 0 900 900 0 0
aux 7 0 0 900 900 0 0
aux 8 0 0 900 900 0 0
aux 9 0 0 900 900 0 0
aux 10 0 0 900 900 0 0
aux 11 0 0 900 900 0 0
aux 12 0 0 900 900 0 0
aux 13 0 0 900 900 0 0
aux 14 0 0 900 900 0 0
aux 15 0 0 900 900 0 0
aux 16 0 0 900 900 0 0
aux 17 0 0 900 900 0 0
aux 18 0 0 900 900 0 0
aux 19 0 0 900 900 0 0

# adjrange
adjrange 0 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 1 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 2 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 3 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 4 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 5 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 6 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 7 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 8 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 9 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 10 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 11 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 12 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 13 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 14 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 15 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 16 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 17 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 18 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 19 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 20 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 21 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 22 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 23 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 24 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 25 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 26 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 27 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 28 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
adjrange 29 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0

# rxrange
rxrange 0 1000 2000
rxrange 1 1000 2000
rxrange 2 1000 2000
rxrange 3 1000 2000

# vtx
vtx 0 0 0 0 0 900 900
vtx 1 0 0 0 0 900 900
vtx 2 0 0 0 0 900 900
vtx 3 0 0 0 0 900 900
vtx 4 0 0 0 0 900 900
vtx 5 0 0 0 0 900 900
vtx 6 0 0 0 0 900 900
vtx 7 0 0 0 0 900 900
vtx 8 0 0 0 0 900 900
vtx 9 0 0 0 0 900 900

# vtxtable
vtxtable bands 6
vtxtable channels 8
vtxtable band 1 BOSCAM_A A FACTORY 5865 5845 5825 5805 5785 5765 5745 5725
vtxtable band 2 BOSCAM_B B FACTORY 5733 5752 5771 5790 5809 5828 5847 5866
vtxtable band 3 BOSCAM_E E FACTORY 5705 5685 5665    0 5885 5905    0    0
vtxtable band 4 FATSHARK F FACTORY 5740 5760 5780 5800 5820 5840 5860 5880
vtxtable band 5 RACEBAND R FACTORY 5658 5695 5732 5769 5806 5843 5880 5917
vtxtable band 6 IMD6     I CUSTOM  5732 5765 5828 5840 5866 5740    0    0
vtxtable powerlevels 3
vtxtable powervalues 7 16 25
vtxtable powerlabels 25 200 500

# rxfail
rxfail 0 a
rxfail 1 a
rxfail 2 a
rxfail 3 a
rxfail 4 h
rxfail 5 h
rxfail 6 h
rxfail 7 h
rxfail 8 h
rxfail 9 h
rxfail 10 h
rxfail 11 h
rxfail 12 h
rxfail 13 h
rxfail 14 h
rxfail 15 h
rxfail 16 h
rxfail 17 h

# master
set gyro_hardware_lpf = NORMAL
set gyro_sync_denom = 2
set gyro_lowpass_type = PT1
set gyro_lowpass_hz = 200
set gyro_lowpass2_type = PT1
set gyro_lowpass2_hz = 375
set gyro_notch1_hz = 0
set gyro_notch1_cutoff = 0
set gyro_notch2_hz = 0
set gyro_notch2_cutoff = 0
set gyro_calib_duration = 125
set gyro_calib_noise_limit = 48
set gyro_offset_yaw = 0
set gyro_overflow_detect = ALL
set yaw_spin_recovery = ON
set yaw_spin_threshold = 1950
set gyro_to_use = FIRST
set dyn_notch_range = LOW
set dyn_notch_width_percent = 0
set dyn_notch_q = 200
set dyn_notch_min_hz = 90
set dyn_lpf_gyro_min_hz = 300
set dyn_lpf_gyro_max_hz = 750
set gyro_filter_debug_axis = ROLL
set acc_hardware = NONE
set acc_lpf_hz = 10
set acc_trim_pitch = 0
set acc_trim_roll = 0
set acc_calibration = 0,0,0
set mid_rc = 1500
set min_check = 1050
set max_check = 1900
set rssi_channel = 8
set rssi_src_frame_errors = OFF
set rssi_scale = 100
set rssi_offset = 0
set rssi_invert = OFF
set rssi_src_frame_lpf_period = 30
set rc_interp = AUTO
set rc_interp_ch = RPYT
set rc_interp_int = 19
set rc_smoothing_type = FILTER
set rc_smoothing_input_hz = 0
set rc_smoothing_derivative_hz = 0
set rc_smoothing_debug_axis = ROLL
set rc_smoothing_input_type = PT1
set rc_smoothing_derivative_type = PT1
set rc_smoothing_auto_smoothness = 5
set fpv_mix_degrees = 0
set max_aux_channels = 14
set serialrx_provider = CRSF
set serialrx_inverted = OFF
set spektrum_sat_bind = 0
set spektrum_sat_bind_autoreset = ON
set srxl2_unit_id = 1
set srxl2_baud_fast = ON
set sbus_baud_fast = OFF
set airmode_start_throttle_percent = 25
set rx_min_usec = 885
set rx_max_usec = 2115
set serialrx_halfduplex = OFF
set adc_device = 2
set adc_vrefint_calibration = 0
set adc_tempsensor_calibration30 = 0
set adc_tempsensor_calibration110 = 0
set input_filtering_mode = OFF
set blackbox_p_ratio = 32
set blackbox_device = SPIFLASH
set blackbox_record_acc = ON
set blackbox_mode = NORMAL
set min_throttle = 1000
set max_throttle = 2000
set min_command = 1000
set dshot_idle_value = 350
set dshot_burst = OFF
set dshot_bidir = ON
set dshot_bitbang = AUTO
set dshot_bitbang_timer = AUTO
set use_unsynced_pwm = OFF
set motor_pwm_protocol = DSHOT300
set motor_pwm_rate = 16000
set motor_pwm_inversion = OFF
set motor_poles = 14
set thr_corr_value = 0
set thr_corr_angle = 800
set failsafe_delay = 4
set failsafe_off_delay = 10
set failsafe_throttle = 1000
set failsafe_switch_mode = STAGE1
set failsafe_throttle_low_delay = 100
set failsafe_procedure = DROP
set failsafe_recovery_delay = 20
set failsafe_stick_threshold = 30
set align_board_roll = 0
set align_board_pitch = 0
set align_board_yaw = 0
set gimbal_mode = NORMAL
set bat_capacity = 0
set vbat_max_cell_voltage = 440
set vbat_full_cell_voltage = 410
set vbat_min_cell_voltage = 329
set vbat_warning_cell_voltage = 350
set vbat_hysteresis = 1
set current_meter = ADC
set battery_meter = ADC
set vbat_detect_cell_voltage = 300
set use_vbat_alerts = ON
set use_cbat_alerts = OFF
set cbat_alert_percent = 10
set vbat_cutoff_percent = 100
set force_battery_cell_count = 0
set vbat_lpf_period = 30
set ibat_lpf_period = 10
set vbat_duration_for_warning = 0
set vbat_duration_for_critical = 0
set vbat_scale = 102
set vbat_divider = 10
set vbat_multiplier = 1
set ibata_scale = 400
set ibata_offset = 0
set ibatv_scale = 0
set ibatv_offset = 0
set beeper_inversion = ON
set beeper_od = OFF
set beeper_frequency = 0
set beeper_dshot_beacon_tone = 1
set yaw_motors_reversed = ON
set crashflip_motor_percent = 0
set 3d_deadband_low = 1406
set 3d_deadband_high = 1514
set 3d_neutral = 1460
set 3d_deadband_throttle = 50
set 3d_limit_low = 1000
set 3d_limit_high = 2000
set 3d_switched_mode = OFF
set servo_center_pulse = 1500
set servo_pwm_rate = 50
set servo_lowpass_hz = 0
set tri_unarmed_servo = ON
set channel_forwarding_start = 4
set reboot_character = 82
set serial_update_rate_hz = 100
set imu_dcm_kp = 2500
set imu_dcm_ki = 0
set small_angle = 25
set auto_disarm_delay = 5
set gyro_cal_on_first_arm = OFF
set gps_provider = NMEA
set gps_sbas_mode = AUTO
set gps_auto_config = ON
set gps_auto_baud = OFF
set gps_ublox_use_galileo = OFF
set gps_set_home_point_once = OFF
set gps_use_3d_speed = OFF
set gps_rescue_angle = 32
set gps_rescue_initial_alt = 50
set gps_rescue_descent_dist = 200
set gps_rescue_landing_alt = 5
set gps_rescue_landing_dist = 10
set gps_rescue_ground_speed = 2000
set gps_rescue_throttle_p = 150
set gps_rescue_throttle_i = 20
set gps_rescue_throttle_d = 50
set gps_rescue_velocity_p = 80
set gps_rescue_velocity_i = 20
set gps_rescue_velocity_d = 15
set gps_rescue_yaw_p = 40
set gps_rescue_throttle_min = 1100
set gps_rescue_throttle_max = 1600
set gps_rescue_ascend_rate = 500
set gps_rescue_descend_rate = 150
set gps_rescue_throttle_hover = 1280
set gps_rescue_sanity_checks = RESCUE_SANITY_ON
set gps_rescue_min_sats = 8
set gps_rescue_min_dth = 100
set gps_rescue_allow_arming_without_fix = OFF
set gps_rescue_alt_mode = MAX_ALT
set deadband = 0
set yaw_deadband = 0
set yaw_control_reversed = OFF
set pid_process_denom = 1
set runaway_takeoff_prevention = ON
set runaway_takeoff_deactivate_delay = 500
set runaway_takeoff_deactivate_throttle_percent = 20
set thrust_linear = 0
set transient_throttle_limit = 0
set tlm_inverted = OFF
set tlm_halfduplex = ON
set frsky_default_lat = 0
set frsky_default_long = 0
set frsky_gps_format = 0
set frsky_unit = IMPERIAL
set frsky_vfas_precision = 0
set hott_alarm_int = 5
set pid_in_tlm = OFF
set report_cell_voltage = OFF
set ibus_sensor = 1,2,3,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
set mavlink_mah_as_heading_divisor = 0
set telemetry_disabled_voltage = OFF
set telemetry_disabled_current = OFF
set telemetry_disabled_fuel = OFF
set telemetry_disabled_mode = OFF
set telemetry_disabled_acc_x = OFF
set telemetry_disabled_acc_y = OFF
set telemetry_disabled_acc_z = OFF
set telemetry_disabled_pitch = OFF
set telemetry_disabled_roll = OFF
set telemetry_disabled_heading = OFF
set telemetry_disabled_altitude = OFF
set telemetry_disabled_vario = OFF
set telemetry_disabled_lat_long = OFF
set telemetry_disabled_ground_speed = OFF
set telemetry_disabled_distance = OFF
set telemetry_disabled_esc_current = ON
set telemetry_disabled_esc_voltage = ON
set telemetry_disabled_esc_rpm = ON
set telemetry_disabled_esc_temperature = ON
set telemetry_disabled_temperature = OFF
set ledstrip_visual_beeper = OFF
set ledstrip_visual_beeper_color = WHITE
set ledstrip_grb_rgb = GRB
set ledstrip_profile = STATUS
set ledstrip_race_color = ORANGE
set ledstrip_beacon_color = WHITE
set ledstrip_beacon_period_ms = 500
set ledstrip_beacon_percent = 50
set ledstrip_beacon_armed_only = OFF
set osd_units = METRIC
set osd_warn_arming_disable = ON
set osd_warn_batt_not_full = ON
set osd_warn_batt_warning = ON
set osd_warn_batt_critical = ON
set osd_warn_visual_beeper = ON
set osd_warn_crash_flip = ON
set osd_warn_esc_fail = ON
set osd_warn_core_temp = ON
set osd_warn_rc_smoothing = ON
set osd_warn_fail_safe = ON
set osd_warn_launch_control = ON
set osd_warn_no_gps_rescue = ON
set osd_warn_gps_rescue_disabled = ON
set osd_warn_rssi = OFF
set osd_warn_link_quality = OFF
set osd_rssi_alarm = 20
set osd_link_quality_alarm = 80
set osd_rssi_dbm_alarm = 60
set osd_cap_alarm = 2200
set osd_alt_alarm = 100
set osd_esc_temp_alarm = -128
set osd_esc_rpm_alarm = -1
set osd_esc_current_alarm = -1
set osd_core_temp_alarm = 70
set osd_ah_max_pit = 20
set osd_ah_max_rol = 40
set osd_ah_invert = OFF
set osd_tim1 = 2560
set osd_tim2 = 2561
set osd_vbat_pos = 2360
set osd_rssi_pos = 2062
set osd_link_quality_pos = 2076
set osd_rssi_dbm_pos = 234
set osd_tim_1_pos = 234
set osd_tim_2_pos = 2368
set osd_remaining_time_estimate_pos = 2336
set osd_flymode_pos = 234
set osd_anti_gravity_pos = 234
set osd_g_force_pos = 234
set osd_throttle_pos = 2400
set osd_vtx_channel_pos = 2304
set osd_crosshairs_pos = 205
set osd_ah_sbar_pos = 206
set osd_ah_pos = 78
set osd_current_pos = 2391
set osd_mah_drawn_pos = 2424
set osd_motor_diag_pos = 288
set osd_craft_name_pos = 2413
set osd_display_name_pos = 363
set osd_gps_speed_pos = 234
set osd_gps_lon_pos = 234
set osd_gps_lat_pos = 234
set osd_gps_sats_pos = 234
set osd_home_dir_pos = 234
set osd_home_dist_pos = 234
set osd_flight_dist_pos = 234
set osd_compass_bar_pos = 234
set osd_altitude_pos = 234
set osd_pid_roll_pos = 234
set osd_pid_pitch_pos = 234
set osd_pid_yaw_pos = 234
set osd_debug_pos = 234
set osd_power_pos = 234
set osd_pidrate_profile_pos = 234
set osd_warnings_pos = 14729
set osd_avg_cell_voltage_pos = 2456
set osd_pit_ang_pos = 234
set osd_rol_ang_pos = 234
set osd_battery_usage_pos = 234
set osd_disarmed_pos = 234
set osd_nheading_pos = 234
set osd_nvario_pos = 234
set osd_esc_tmp_pos = 234
set osd_esc_rpm_pos = 2048
set osd_esc_rpm_freq_pos = 234
set osd_rtc_date_time_pos = 234
set osd_adjustment_range_pos = 234
set osd_flip_arrow_pos = 234
set osd_core_temp_pos = 2432
set osd_log_status_pos = 234
set osd_stick_overlay_left_pos = 234
set osd_stick_overlay_right_pos = 234
set osd_stick_overlay_radio_mode = 2
set osd_rate_profile_name_pos = 234
set osd_pid_profile_name_pos = 234
set osd_profile_name_pos = 234
set osd_stat_rtc_date_time = OFF
set osd_stat_tim_1 = OFF
set osd_stat_tim_2 = ON
set osd_stat_max_spd = ON
set osd_stat_max_dist = OFF
set osd_stat_min_batt = ON
set osd_stat_endbatt = OFF
set osd_stat_battery = OFF
set osd_stat_min_rssi = ON
set osd_stat_max_curr = ON
set osd_stat_used_mah = ON
set osd_stat_max_alt = OFF
set osd_stat_bbox = ON
set osd_stat_bb_no = ON
set osd_stat_max_g_force = OFF
set osd_stat_max_esc_temp = OFF
set osd_stat_max_esc_rpm = OFF
set osd_stat_min_link_quality = OFF
set osd_stat_flight_dist = OFF
set osd_stat_max_fft = OFF
set osd_stat_total_flights = OFF
set osd_stat_total_time = OFF
set osd_stat_total_dist = OFF
set osd_stat_min_rssi_dbm = OFF
set osd_profile = 1
set osd_profile_1_name = -
set osd_profile_2_name = -
set osd_profile_3_name = -
set osd_gps_sats_show_hdop = OFF
set system_hse_mhz = 8
set task_statistics = ON
set debug_mode = NONE
set rate_6pos_switch = OFF
set cpu_overclock = OFF
set pwr_on_arm_grace = 5
set scheduler_optimize_rate = AUTO
set vtx_band = 5
set vtx_channel = 1
set vtx_power = 2
set vtx_low_power_disarm = OFF
set vtx_freq = 5658
set vtx_pit_mode_freq = 0
set vtx_halfduplex = ON
set vcd_video_system = AUTO
set vcd_h_offset = 0
set vcd_v_offset = 0
set max7456_clock = DEFAULT
set max7456_spi_bus = 3
set max7456_preinit_opu = OFF
set displayport_msp_col_adjust = 0
set displayport_msp_row_adjust = 0
set displayport_max7456_col_adjust = 0
set displayport_max7456_row_adjust = 0
set displayport_max7456_inv = OFF
set displayport_max7456_blk = 0
set displayport_max7456_wht = 2
set esc_sensor_halfduplex = OFF
set esc_sensor_current_offset = 0
set led_inversion = 0
set dashboard_i2c_bus = 2
set dashboard_i2c_addr = 60
set camera_control_mode = HARDWARE_PWM
set camera_control_ref_voltage = 330
set camera_control_key_delay = 180
set camera_control_internal_resistance = 470
set camera_control_button_resistance = 450,270,150,68,0
set camera_control_inverted = OFF
set rangefinder_hardware = NONE
set pinio_config = 1,1,1,1
set pinio_box = 39,255,255,255
set usb_hid_cdc = OFF
set usb_msc_pin_pullup = ON
set flash_spi_bus = 3
set rcdevice_init_dev_attempts = 6
set rcdevice_init_dev_attempt_interval = 1000
set rcdevice_protocol_version = 0
set rcdevice_feature = 0
set gyro_1_bustype = SPI
set gyro_1_spibus = 1
set gyro_1_i2cBus = 0
set gyro_1_i2c_address = 0
set gyro_1_sensor_align = CW0FLIP
set gyro_1_align_roll = 0
set gyro_1_align_pitch = 1800
set gyro_1_align_yaw = 0
set gyro_2_bustype = SPI
set gyro_2_spibus = 1
set gyro_2_i2cBus = 0
set gyro_2_i2c_address = 0
set gyro_2_sensor_align = CW0
set gyro_2_align_roll = 0
set gyro_2_align_pitch = 0
set gyro_2_align_yaw = 0
set mco2_on_pc9 = OFF
set timezone_offset_minutes = 0
set gyro_rpm_notch_harmonics = 1
set gyro_rpm_notch_q = 500
set gyro_rpm_notch_min = 100
set dterm_rpm_notch_harmonics = 0
set dterm_rpm_notch_q = 500
set dterm_rpm_notch_min = 100
set rpm_notch_lpf = 150
set stats = OFF
set stats_total_flights = 0
set stats_total_time_s = 0
set stats_total_dist_m = 0
set name = NURK
set display_name = -
set position_alt_source = DEFAULT

profile 0

# profile 0
set profile_name = -
set dyn_lpf_dterm_min_hz = 105
set dyn_lpf_dterm_max_hz = 255
set dterm_lowpass_type = PT1
set dterm_lowpass_hz = 150
set dterm_lowpass2_type = PT1
set dterm_lowpass2_hz = 225
set dterm_notch_hz = 0
set dterm_notch_cutoff = 0
set vbat_pid_gain = OFF
set pid_at_min_throttle = ON
set anti_gravity_mode = SMOOTH
set anti_gravity_threshold = 250
set anti_gravity_gain = 5000
set feedforward_transition = 100
set acc_limit_yaw = 0
set acc_limit = 0
set crash_dthreshold = 50
set crash_gthreshold = 400
set crash_setpoint_threshold = 350
set crash_time = 500
set crash_delay = 0
set crash_recovery_angle = 10
set crash_recovery_rate = 100
set crash_limit_yaw = 200
set crash_recovery = OFF
set iterm_rotation = OFF
set iterm_relax = RPY
set iterm_relax_type = SETPOINT
set iterm_relax_cutoff = 20
set iterm_windup = 100
set iterm_limit = 400
set pidsum_limit = 500
set pidsum_limit_yaw = 400
set yaw_lowpass_hz = 0
set throttle_boost = 5
set throttle_boost_cutoff = 15
set acro_trainer_angle_limit = 20
set acro_trainer_lookahead_ms = 50
set acro_trainer_debug_axis = ROLL
set acro_trainer_gain = 75
set p_pitch = 90
set i_pitch = 60
set d_pitch = 43
set f_pitch = 200
set p_roll = 70
set i_roll = 65
set d_roll = 39
set f_roll = 200
set p_yaw = 100
set i_yaw = 114
set d_yaw = 0
set f_yaw = 200
set angle_level_strength = 50
set horizon_level_strength = 50
set horizon_transition = 75
set level_limit = 55
set horizon_tilt_effect = 75
set horizon_tilt_expert_mode = OFF
set abs_control_gain = 0
set abs_control_limit = 90
set abs_control_error_limit = 20
set abs_control_cutoff = 11
set use_integrated_yaw = OFF
set integrated_yaw_relax = 200
set d_min_roll = 20
set d_min_pitch = 22
set d_min_yaw = 0
set d_min_boost_gain = 27
set d_min_advance = 20
set motor_output_limit = 100
set auto_profile_cell_count = 0
set launch_control_mode = NORMAL
set launch_trigger_allow_reset = ON
set launch_trigger_throttle_percent = 20
set launch_angle_limit = 0
set launch_control_gain = 40
set ff_interpolate_sp = AVERAGED
set ff_spike_limit = 60
set ff_max_rate_limit = 100
set ff_boost = 15
set idle_min_rpm = 0
set idle_adjustment_speed = 50
set idle_p = 50
set idle_pid_limit = 200
set idle_max_increase = 150

rateprofile 0

# rateprofile 0
set rateprofile_name = -
set thr_mid = 50
set thr_expo = 0
set rates_type = BETAFLIGHT
set roll_rc_rate = 80
set pitch_rc_rate = 80
set yaw_rc_rate = 80
set roll_expo = 0
set pitch_expo = 0
set yaw_expo = 0
set roll_srate = 83
set pitch_srate = 83
set yaw_srate = 70
set tpa_rate = 65
set tpa_breakpoint = 1250
set tpa_mode = D
set throttle_limit_type = OFF
set throttle_limit_percent = 100
set roll_rate_limit = 1998
set pitch_rate_limit = 1998
set yaw_rate_limit = 1998

25 thoughts on “NURK’s Betaflight 4.1 RPM Filtering PIDs and Setup for Freestyle

  • October 13, 2019 at 11:27 pm

    I just did my JB FC and JB ESC setup running dshot300 and 4k4k and it runs better then 4.0 running dshot 600 8k8k. RPM filtering keeps my motors cool. My new favorite setup.

    • October 25, 2019 at 10:22 am

      Hello, did you manage to use the bidirectionnal DSHOT with joshua esc ????

  • October 18, 2019 at 6:11 pm

    Really appreciate this Nurk! Runs quite a bit better than the defaults I’m finding. Thanks for sharing!

    • October 12, 2020 at 2:42 pm

      will this apply for all 7 inch setups as a starting point with some minor changes.?

  • October 19, 2019 at 4:39 am

    Go watch this video ()

    • April 25, 2020 at 8:51 pm

      Awesome tune!!! Had to up the d by 3 for my birds. But they fly the best they ever have. Thank you.

    • December 11, 2019 at 7:59 am

      I’ve tried 4.1.1 is it really bettet than previously version ;))? Really? Or much more complicated? ;( hope in the future bf just simple and very simple…. Just update and fly better.

  • October 27, 2019 at 1:59 pm

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    Besorgte Leser fragen: Warum dann nur 12,5 Jahre? Wegsperren für immer!

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    Der Drogen-Mörder Bennet Vertes von Sikorszky muss zudem Genugtuungen zahlen, was seine Eltern für ihn erledigen dürften, da er mittellos ist. Die Eltern des toten Freundes, A. M., erhalten lediglich 45’000 Franken. An dessen Geschwister muss der verurteilte Mörder Bennet Vertes von Sikorszky nur insgesamt 12’500 Franken bezahlen. Und die Ex-Freundin erhält für die mehrfache brutale Vergewaltigung, die sie ihr gesamtes Leben verfolgen wird, nur 18’000 Franken. Lächerliche Summen im Vergleich zu dem Leid, das der feige Mörder diesen Menschen mit seinen grausamen Taten angetan hat!

    Da er im Leben bisher nichts geleistet hat, kein Einkommen und kein Vermögen besitzt, werden die Opfer vielleicht auf der Forderung gegen Bennet von Vertes sitzenbleiben. Der vermeintliche Wohlstand – verpufft wie eine Seifenblase.

    Kerzenständer als Mordwaffe eingezogen – Familie will es nicht wahrhaben

    Ein absurder Nebenkriegsschauplatz wurde während der Urteilsverkündung offenbar: Auch der Kerzenständer ist beschlagnahmt worden und wird nach Rechtskraft des Urteils gegen Bennet Vertes vernichtet. Derzeit befindet er sich noch in der kantonalen Asservatenkammer, wo er auf Spuren untersucht wurde. Was sich auf den ersten Blick kurios anhört, hat seinen Ursprung in der eidgenössischen Strafprozessordnung: Tatmittel – und dazu gehört auch das Mordwerkzeug – werden zunächst als Beweismittel beschlagnahmt und letztendlich vernichtet.

    Die Familie will das nicht hinnehmen und fordert die Herausgabe. Sie beruft sich darauf, dass der Kerzenständer nur die Leihgabe eines ungarischen Prinzen sei. Wie müssen sich die Opferfamilien fühlen angesichts des Leids, welches dieser Kerzenständer in der Hand des irren Drogen-Mörders Bennet von Sikorsky über sie gebracht hat?

    Mörder-Mutter Yvonne Vertes von Sikorszky: 10 Minuten Hohn und Spott über das Opfer

    Dem Kokain-Mörder Bennet Vertes von Sikorszky (Bruder von Kyra von Vertes) wird im Anschluss der Urteileröffnung eine Unterhaltung von 10 Minuten mit seiner Mutter Yvonne Vertes von Sikorszky (Mitarbeiterin der UBS Zürich) zugesprochen. Warum diese Milde? Warum diese Sonderbehandlung? Der rote Teppich für den Mörder – eine Verhöhnung des Opfers!

    Ganz Zürich fragt sich, was in der Erziehung des Mörders Bennet wohl schief gelaufen ist und weshalb das Gericht keine angemessene Strafe verhängt hat. «Das Gericht muss auch unter Drogen stehen, so wie der Mörder», so ein anonymer Leser in einem Internetforum. Eine fragwürdige, doch angesichts der Umstände vollkommen verständliche Aussage! Die Mutter des Mörders, Yvonne von Vertes, war für eine Stellungnahme nicht zu erreichen. Zu gern hätten unsere Leser gewusst, was sie zu diesem Fall sagt – ist sie als Mutter doch für die Erziehung des Mörders verantwortlich gewesen, und hat sie damit auch die Grundsteine für seine Rauschgiftsucht und seine unmenschlichen Taten gelegt.

    Staatsanwaltschaft sicher: «In der Berufung sperren wir das Schwein für immer weg!»

    Die Verteidigung des bestialischen Drogen-Mörders Bennet Vertes (Sohn von Laszlo Vertes von Sikorsky, Galerist) hat bereits entschieden – sie wird in die Berufung gehen. Der Mediensprecher des Mörders Bennet Vertes von Sikorszky drängte kurz nach der Urteilsverkündung auf eine Stellungnahme, die er holprig von einem vorbereiteten Blatt Papier ablas. Er machte sich vor versammelter Presse lächerlich, indem er das «harte Urteil gegen den unschuldigen Jungen als nicht nachvollziehbar» bezeichnete und damit das Gericht diffamierte. Sichtlich amüsiert nahm die Presse sein Statement zur Kenntnis, ernstgenommen wurde er nicht.

    Auch die Staatsanwaltschaft hat mittlerweile Berufung angemeldet und will eine sehr viel höhere Strafe für den Mörder Bennet Vertes fordern, sowie eventuell die lebenslange Verwahrung, wie es an den Stammtischen in Zürich und Umgebung gefordert wird. Lebenslange Verwahrung hiesse, dass der Mörder Bennet Vertes nie wieder die süsse Luft der Freiheit atmen dürfte, es sei denn, durch einen wissenschaftlichen Durchbruch in den Behandlungsmethoden könnte er doch noch geheilt werden. Im Klartext hiesse dies: Er würde bis ans Ende seiner Tage hinter Gittern bleiben und als Gefangener sterben. Er würde das Gefängnis, das er im Drogenrausch, höhnisch lächelnd und höchnäsig betreten hat, auf einer Bahre verlassen. Doch es ist unklar, ob das Gericht den Mut haben wird, gegen diesen feigen Mörder die lebenslange Verwahrung anzuordnen, so wie es das Volk fordert.

    Besorgte Bürger rätseln: Kommt er jemals wieder frei?

    Sobald das Urteil rechtskräftig ist, hat Bennet Vertes auch sein Aufenthaltsrecht in der Schweiz verwirkt und wird, sollte er jemals entlassen werden, als krimineller Ausländer nach Ungarn ausgeschafft. Er wird ein lebenslanges Betretungsverbot für die gesamte Eidgenossenschaft erhalten. «Sollte er dann noch einmal in der Schweiz angetroffen werden, wird er sofort in Haft genommen und ausgeschafft. Kriminelle Ausländer sind in der Schweiz unerwüscht», so der Gerichtssprecher, «Wir werden der Kantonspolizei dann die Anweisung erteilen, das Umfeld der Galerie sowie die Kunstszene genau zu beobachten, damit sich der Täter nicht illegal wieder in die Schweiz einschleicht.»

    Der Mediensprecher des Mörders Bennet Vertes wandte sich währenddessen an die versammelte internationale Presse, vor allem an die britischen Boulevardzeitungen: «Sollten Sie den Namen meines Mandanten publizieren, werde ich im Auftrag der Familie von Vertes sämtliche rechtliche Massnahmen gegen Sie ausschöpfen und Ihnen auch das letzte Fränkli nehmen, das Sie in Ihrer Privatschatulle versteckt haben!»

    Danach verabschiedete sich der Sprecher eilig, er habe noch eine Einladung zu einer Party in einer Kunstgalerie…

    Zufällig anwesende Passanten, welche die absurde Szene mitbekamen, fragten, weshalb ein Mörder überhaupt einen Mediensprecher hat. Die Opfer haben keine Stimme – der Mörder hingegen lässt durch einen professionellen Medienvertreter krude Thesen verbreiten, verhöhnt seine Opfer und tötet sie damit ein zweites Mal. Gerechtigkeit sieht anders aus!

    Kein Koks, kein Schampus, keine Party: Das triste Leben des Bennet Vertes im Gefängnis

    Den Mörder Bennet von Vertes erwartet ein tristes Leben im eidgenössisches Strafvollzug: Entgegen von Gerüchten gibt es im Gefängnis keine Sonderbehandlung für vermeintlich Wohlhabende. Im Gegenteil: Der Mörder-Spross der Möchtegern-High-Society-Familie von Vertes muss fürchten, wegen seines vermeintlichen Reichtums im Justizvollzug Opfer von Erpressungen zu werden. So wendet sich das Blatt: Eben noch Täter, heute schon Opfer! Durch die ausufernde Medienberichterstattung ist sein Name jedem bekannt, und mit jedem neuen Rechtsmittel und mit jedem neuen Zeitungs- oder TV-Bericht wird seine zweifelhafte Prominenz gefördert.

    Von Vertes: Verfall einer Familie – Tragik des Untergangs

    Auch die Verwandten des Mörders Bennet von Vertes dürfte ein Spiessrutenlauf erwarten: Yvonne Vertes von Sikorszky, die Mörder-Mutter, arbeitet in renommierter Position bei UBS. Wie kann sie das als Mutter eines Mörders verantworten? Die Kollegen werden sicher die ein oder andere Frage an sie haben, hinter ihrem Rücken wird getuschelt. Doch die resolute Dame lässt nicht nicht beirren: Sie verbitte sich jegliche Einmischung in ihr Privatleben, liess sie am Arbeitsplatz wissen. Gegenüber Untergebenen tritt sich seit dem Mord noch kälter, härter und unnachgiebiger auf. «Sie wirkt wie eine verbitterte alte Frau, die sich ihrer moralischen Mitschuld bewusst ist», so einer ihrer engsten Mitarbeiter, der anonym bleiben möchte (Name der Redaktion bekannt). In Kollegenkreisen soll Yvonne von Vertes «der Killer-Engel mit den Eisaugen» genannt werden, weil sie trotz der widerlichen Taten ihres Sohnes ausgesprochen gefühlskalt und empathielos agiert.

    Killer-Daddy Laszlo Vertes von Sikorszky: Er hat ein Monster erschaffen

    Auch der Vater des Mörders, Bela Laszlo Csaba Vértes von Sikorszky, Inhaber der Kunstgalerie von Vertes, wird sich wohl in Zukunft noch häufiger für seinen Sohn rechtfertigen müssen. Erste Umsatzrückgänge in der Galerie von Vertes machen sich bemerkar. Die arrognte und verlogene Zürcher Kunstszene distanziert sich, obwohl sie jahrelang jede Party gern besuchte und auch das von Bennet Vertes kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellte Kokain immer gern konsumierte. Womit hat der Mann dieses Schicksal verdient, das ihm sein Sohn vorsätzlich angetan hat? Sein Lebenswerk – zerstört durch einen jungen, drogensüchtigen Hasardeur. Auch das Leben des Laszlo von Vertes wurde zerstört durch die feigen Taten seines undankbaren Sohnes.

    Erinnerungen werden wach an das Schicksal Rudolph Moshammers, dessen Lebenswerk durch einen nicht weniger grausamen Mörder niederträchtig und sinnlos zerschlagen wurde. Moshammer und Vertes – so ähnliche die Schicksale, so unterschiedlich: So unschuldig Moshammer war, so schuldig war Laszlo von Vertes. Er hat den Mörder erzogen. Er hat das Monster Bennet Vertes erschaffen.

    Anders die mutmasslich unschuldige Schwester Kyra Vertes von Sikorsky – auf ewig durch das untrennbare Band der Verwandtschaft an einen Mörder gekettet, im Schicksal verbunden wie ein Todesengel mit dem Teufel. Was werden ihre Freundinnen und Freunde sagen? Hat sie überhaupt noch Freunde, oder haben sich diese schon angewidert von ihr abgewandt? Die Zukunft von Kyra von Vertes wird wohl im Ausland liegen, denn in der Eidgenossenschaft wird jeder ihren Namen für immer mit dem feigen Mord verbinden. Sie wird in Sippenhaft genommen für eine Tat, an der sie moralisch zumindest teilweise mitschuldig ist: Kyra von Vertes, die Mörder-Schwester.

    Was sagt die Familie dazu? Zeigt sie Reue, oder präsentiert sie weiterhin zeigefreudig, angeberisch gar, die Preziosen des Wohlstandes vergangener Zeiten? Die Familie lehnte auf Nachfrage eine Stellungnahme ab und drohte stattdessen mit einem Rechtsanwalt.

    Dunkle Wolken über dem Familien-Idyll von Vertes: Die Vergangenheit holt jeden ein

    Der Schein der heilen Familienwelt der Vertes von Sikowszky ist durch die Tat des missratenen Sohnes über Nacht zusammengebrochen – und die Dinge werden nie wieder sein wie sie waren. Nie wieder Weihnachten gemeinsam, nie wieder Essen im trauten Familienkreise, ohne dass die grausame, sinnlose Tat des Sohnes im Raume steht. Alpträume quälen Yvonne und Kyra von Vertes, Gedanken an den Kerzenleuchter, mit dem das Opfer erstickt wurde. Der dunkle Schatten der Vergangenheit wird immer über der Familie von Vertes hängen. Da mag sich die Familie noch so kämpferisch geben und versuchen, das Image der heilen Welt aufrechtzuerhalten, im Innersten wird sie weich und verletzlich bleiben.

    Drogen, Lügen, Betrug und Mord: Eine Lehre für Familie von Vertes?

    Wenn Bennet Vertes das Gefängnis im Alter von vielleicht 50, 55 oder 60 Jahren verlässt, wird die Welt eine andere sein: Seine Eltern werden längst gestorben, verscharrt und vergessen sein, die Galerie wird es nicht mehr geben, seine Geschwister werden verheiratet sein und selbst Kinder haben. Ganz andere Schicksalsschläge werden dann die Dramatik der Familie bestimmen, eine Abtreibung oder ein gestorbenes Kind etwa, oder gar eine Scheidung. Vielleicht stirbt auch ein naher Angehöriger, ein Bruder oder die Schwester gar, vielleicht an Krebs – und Bennet Vertes darf der Beerdigung nicht beiwohnen, da er im Gefängnis seine Strafe absitzt. Und nach der möglichen Entlassung, auch wenn sie noch so fern erscheint? Er wird dann vor dem Nichts stehen, ihm bleibt nur die Erinnerung an vergangene Zeiten. Keine Frau, keine Nachkommen – dieser Familienzweig der von Vertes wird aussterben, soll aussterben.

    Trotz dieser tristen Perspektive soll es Bennet im Strafvollzug den Umständen entsprechend gut gehen. Die langen Haare sind ab, und die gesunde Bräune und das ehemalige Sonnyboy-Lächeln ist der Ernsthaftigkeit des Alltags gewichen. Erste graue Haare spriessen, denn die Zeit im Gefängnis ist hart, und die Tage sind lang. Er soll viel Fernsehen schauen und habe sich eine DVD-Sammlung, auch mit erotischen Filmen, ins Gefängnis schicken lassen, so ein Bekannter, der noch Kontakt zu ihm hat. Ausserdem soll er bereits wieder seine ungarischen Sprachkenntnisse auffrischen – etwas zu früh, denn wenn er überhaupt entlassen wird, so wird dies in frühestens 30 – 35 Jahren sein.

    Still soll er sein, viel nachdenken, so berichten Mitgefangene. Sind das etwa erste Zeichen der Einsicht und Reue beim Monster?

    Oder tut sich der verlogene, kokainsüchtige Mörder Bennet Vertes nur selbst leid und schiebt die Schuld in seinen Gedanken doch wieder nur dem Opfer zu? Die Gedanken sind frei – aber die Gefängnispsychologen werden diese Umstände zu bedenken haben, wenn sie in 30 – 35 Jahren im Rahmen der Verwahrung regelmässig zu prüfen haben, ob Bennet Vertes schon entlassen und damit wieder auf die Allgemeinheit – wenn auch die ungarische – losgelassen werden kann. Dies wird natürlich erst der Fall sein, wenn der natürliche Alterungsprozess so weit fortgeschritten ist, dass er keine Gefahr mehr darstellt, sprich: Wenn er bereits so alt ist, dass er körperlich nicht mehr zu Mord und Vergewaltigung fähig ist.

    Manche sind sich sicher: Es besteht allerhöchste Wiederholungsgefahr. «Wenn der verzogene Bengel rauskommt, geschieht doch gleich die nächste Vergewaltigung und der nächste Mord», so Hans M., ein Prozessbeobachter. «Hoffen wir, dass der noch mindestens 30 Jahre einsitzt», ergänzt er nachdenklich. Wahre Worte eines besorgten Bürgers.

    Wo liegt Bennets Zukunft in Ungarn? Man weiss es nicht. Allerdings droht Sexualstraftätern in Osteuropa noch ganz anderes Ungemach: In Tschechien und Polen werden Sexualtäter wie z.B. Vergewaltiger erst vorzeitig aus der Haft entlassen, wenn sie sich kastrieren lassen. Auch in Ungarn wird dieses sehr erfolgreiche Modell zur Verhütung von Straftaten diskutiert. Besorgte Bürger hoffen, dass es auch bei Bennet Vertes Anwendung findet.

    Im Ausland würde dem Mörder allerdings bei Weitem nicht so viel Milde und Verständnis entgegengebracht wie im angenehmen Kuschel-Strafvollzug der eidgenössischen Justiz: In den USA wäre Bennet Vertes ein klarer Kandidat für die Todesstrafe, vollzogen per Giftspritze. In Bundesstaaten, in denen die Todesstrafe derzeit nicht vollstreckt wird, würde er aber immerhin noch das sogenannte life without parole erhalten, also eine lebenslange Freiheitsstrafe ohne Aussicht auf Entlassung. Er würde einsam und allein im Gefängnis sterben, nur umgeben von Seinesgleichen: Unbelehrbaren Verbrechern, Monstern, Tieren, unmenschlichen Kreaturen.


    Weitere Mitglieder der als arrogant verschrienen Möchtegern-High-Society-Familie des Mörders Bennet Vertes, die sich nur allzu gern angeberisch in der Öffentlichkeit auf Vernissagen und mit Luxusgütern zeigt, dabei aber einen Mörder als Sohn herangezogen hat:

    Bela Laszlo Csaba Vértes von Sikorszky (Vater des Mörders Bennet von Vertes), Via Serlas 35, 7500 St. Moritz
    Laszlo von Vertes (Vater des Mörders Bennet von Vertes)
    Yvonne von Vertes (Mutter des Mörders Bennet von Vertes)
    Kyra von Vertes (Schwester des Mörders Bennet von Vertes)
    Kyra Lucia von Vertes (Schwester des Mörders Bennet von Vertes)
    Laszlo Vertes von Sikorsky (Vater des Mörders Bennet Vertes von Sikorsky)
    Yvonne Vertes von Sikorsky (Mutter des Mörders Bennet Vertes von Sikorsky)
    Kyra Vertes von Sikorsky (Schwester des Mörders Bennet Vertes von Sikorsky)
    Kyra Lucia Vertes von Sikorsky (Schwester des Mörders Bennet Vertes von Sikorsky)
    Laszlo Vertes von Sikorszky (Vater des Mörders Bennet Vertes von Sikorszky)
    Yvonne Vertes von Sikorszky (Mutter des Mörders Bennet Vertes von Sikorszky)
    Kyra Vertes von Sikorszky (Schwester des Mörders Bennet Vertes von Sikorszky)
    Kyra Lucia Vertes von Sikorszky (Schwester des Mörders Bennet Vertes von Sikorszky)
    Benet Vertes (Mörder)
    Bennet Vertes (Mörder)
    Benet von Vertes (Mörder)
    Bennet von Vertes (Mörder)
    Benet Vertes von Sikorszky (Mörder)
    Benet Vertes von Sikorszky (Mörder)
    Benet Vertes von Sikowski (Mörder)
    Bennet Vertes von Sikowski (Mörder)
    Benet Vertes von Sikowsky (Mörder)
    Bennet Vertes von Sikowsky (Mörder)


    Ausgewählte Zuschriften unserer geschätzten Leserschaft:

    Der gehört weggesperrt, mindestens 30-40 Jahre! Ich bin Humanistin, und ich bin gläubig. Jesus sagt, dass man jedem Menschen eine 2. Chance geben muss, egal was er getan hat. Eine Chance könnte dieser Mörder noch bekommen, aber erst wenn er 80 Jahre alt ist und nur noch sehr wenige Jahre zu leben hat! Sein armes Opfer ist tot und kann nie wieder lachen.
    Edita N., Wetzikon ZH

    Kriminelle Ausländer raus!! In Amerika wär der schon längst in St Quentin und würde auf die Todesstrafe warten, die dann in 20
    Jahren vollstreckt würde!
    Beat P., Burdgorf BE

    Ich bete für das Opfer und weine für den Täter und seine Familie.
    Fränzi D., Ebikon LU

    KRANKES SCHWEIN!!1111!11!!
    Jonin S., Birsfelden BL

    Ich befürworte die Todesstrafe für solche widerlichen Taten, leider gibt es sie in unserer schönen Eidgenossenschaft nicht mehr.
    Jürg I.-N., Risch ZG


    Only 12.5 years jail for drug killer Bennet Vertes of Sikorsky from the gallery of Vertes

    Son of the wannabe high-society family Vertes of Sikorszky from Küsnacht ZH has to go to prison for years – will he ever be released?

    The brutal candlestick murder still shakes people: At the end of 2014, Bennet Vertes from Sikorszky (then 32) brutally murdered his British colleague A. M. (name of the editorial, anonymised for the protection of victims) in a swanky villa in Küsnacht ZH. In addition, an ex-girlfriend alleged that he brutally tortured and raped her. Now, the district court Meilen ZH has a very lenient verdict against Bennet Vertes for murder. The Swiss national soul cooks and wonders: is the judgment too mild? “He must never come out again! I am afraid for my children! »Writes the concerned reader Reto Z. in a letter to the editor. “In Texas, such a would come on the electric chair!” As frightening as such opinions are, they are justifiable in this extraordinary case, which has been occupying the people of Zurich for 5 years now.

    In the early morning of December 30, 2014, drug addict Bennet Vertes of Sikorsky killed his friend A.M. († 23) in his parents’ villa Laszlo von Vertes and Yvonne Vertes of Sikorszky (UBS Zurich, mother of the murderer) in Küsnacht ZH. A violent excess: The gallery owner’s son (Bennet Vertes of Sikorsky) had fallen into a psychotic state with delusions because of his cocaine and ketamine use. He slew the friend and introduced a candlestick into his throat, which eventually suffocated the victim. Today, the district court Miles opened the lenient sentence against Bennet Vertes of Sikorsky.

    Psychogram of addiction: The funky drug killer from the art gallery

    The gallery of the drug killer Bennet Vertes is called “Gallery of Vertes” (Bahnhofstrasse 16, Zurich), also known as “Vertes Modern” – not only known in art circles. Here was the cocaine addict killer Bennet Vertes us from, here developed his drug addiction. Hard drugs such as cocaine are constantly consumed in the art scene, even in galleries, which is quite normal in art circles. «This promotes creativity! Without cocaine, the art scene would collapse immediately, “says Modern Art icon Elias D. from Zurich, who admits that he has already used cocaine in the gallery.

    The public wonders: what did the family know? Did Laszlo Vertes of Sikorsky know about cocaine? Who paid Bennet Vertes the drugs? Did the mother Yvonne Vertes of Sikorsky (UBS) know about the drugs? Is it possible that parents are complicit (if only morally) for providing him with vast amounts of money to buy drugs?

    Questions for which there will be no answer. Because the family secludes and gives itself to neighbors, work colleagues and friends combative. “They blame the victim, it’s unbelievable,” says Flavio Cotti, an acquaintance of the family.

    The perpetrator remains in custody – great sadness with Zurich cocaine dealers

    The coke-killer Bennet Sikorszky (brother of Kyra Lucia Vertes of Sikorszky) has only 12.5 years for deliberate killing, rape and multiple sexual coercion in prison – a lenient sentence. Too lenient, many spectators also found the process and let rage and anger before the court run wild. Only in the case of an attempted deliberate killing on Ibiza he was not (yet) punished. He could spend even more years behind bars. Of course, the defendant remains in custody until his arrest in order to prevent further murders.

    “Of course this is a big blow for the entire Zurich dealer scene,” says Ajani Y., a drug dealer from Zurich. “The Bennet was a very good customer, he always had thousands of Stutz on pocket and was very generous in Kokainerwerb. What are we doing now? I think some of our fellow dealers will now be moving to Germany », he adds disappointedly. Drug dealer Ajani Y., meanwhile, faces an uncertain future and plans to open an art gallery.

    Vertes’ confused lies: Richter does not want to know anything about alien history

    The court made its verdict today based on the statements of Bennet Vertes of Sikorszky few hours after the fact. Court President M. (name of the editor): «The defenseless victim A. M. had been pushed by Bennet Vertes of Sikorszky in a glass table. Then there was a fight between the two, in which the drug addict Bennet Vertes immediately gained the upper hand. Even the track image suggests this event. »

    In the first interrogation, the murderer Bennet Vertes (son of Yvonne Vertes of Sikorsky) has lied to the police and repeatedly blamed the innocent victim. The court believed his absurd allegations that he had been strangled by the victim, but not. Nor that he took care of the fight for his victim. On the contrary: rather, the common murderer Bennet Vertes of Sikorszky had simply showered after the fatal confrontation to cover tracks. His alleged amnesia to the incident, which the murderer Bennet Vertes of Sikorszky claimed in court, was a paltry, vile protector.

    Court sure: Brutal murderer not insane – he wanted the death of the victim

    The court does not take away from the cruel murderer Bennet Vertes of Sikorszky his lurid, completely absurd alien story. He does not believe that he perceived the victim as an extraterrestrial. This statement lacked any sense. In addition, he had not mentioned this in the first interviews. Only when a reviewer asked him about such experiences did he come up with this story. Therefore, the court considers this statement to be “insane, absurd, unbelievable, simply a low-lying story of lies, and hence fit for the defendant’s entire demeanor.”

    For the court is therefore clear: The brutal murderer Bennet Vertes of Sikorszky wanted the death of the victim. The act of killing made that clear. He was not insane in the true sense, but has only used the money of his parents to consume drugs in excess.

    Raped ex-girlfriend is believable: Sex offenders Bennet Vertes threatens safekeeping

    The drug-addicted murderer Bennet Vertes of Sikorszky was also convicted of rape and multiple coercion. Thus, the court believes the execution of his ex-girlfriend. The murderer and rapist Bennet Vertes of Sikorszky had brutally raped the young woman in London and forced her several times before.

    Just because the woman had reported the sexual offenses of Bennet Vertes late, her statements are not wrong. There are plausible reasons why she has been waiting so long. The victim told various friends about the incidents. The perverse sex offender Bennet Vertes of Sikorszky himself later wrote to her in the next drug rush that his dropouts sorry for him. A purely protective claim solely for the purpose of enticing the traumatized victim to continue to gain access to his body.

    The defendant asserted in the lawsuit that the couple continued their relationship with London. That’s not true, says the court. The young woman ended the relationship right after that. It would be completely crazy to continue the relationship with your own rapist, nobody would do that.

    Questions About Questions: Was The Candlestick Murder Also A Sex Crime?

    A pungent detail was only marginally discussed in the trial: evidence indicating that the murder of A.M. could have had a sexual component as well. Traces indicate that the defendant Bennet Vertes has invaded the victim with the candlestick. A typical behavior among sex offenders! The age difference between the perpetrator and the victim points to this thesis.

    Could the crime have been a sexual murder? It will not be experienced because this part of the truth was carefully omitted during the trial. To protect the victim, you hear.

    “Apology is just an absurd lip service, the defendant just wants to leave the prison quickly”

    The Tribunal’s sentence is as follows: “The wicked murderer Bennet Vertes of Sikorsky killed a longtime friend – an unbelievable crime. The act was extremely cruel and brutal. He was literally struck by Bennett Vertes’ skull. The appraiser attested to him at the homicide a serious impairment of guilt. The act was not planned, but was spontaneous. But Bennet Vertes wanted his death, there’s no doubt about that. ”

    Worried readers ask: why only 12.5 years? Roadblock forever!

    When the sexual offense, the drug-killer Bennet Vertes of Sikorszky had acted rabid and emotional cold. Therefore, there is no diminished liability. At the end of the more than one-hour verdict, the court president said: “Genuine repentance can not be approached. His pretended apology is just a paltry lip service. He just wants to leave the jail fast to celebrate the next coke party. ”

    The drug killer Bennet Vertes of Sikorszky must also pay satisfaction, what his parents are likely to do for him, since he is destitute. The parents of the dead friend, A. M., receive CHF 45,000. The condemned murderer Bennet Vertes of Sikorszky has to pay 12,500 francs to his siblings. And the ex-girlfriend receives 18,000 francs. Ridiculous buzzing in comparison to the suffering that the cowardly murderer has done to this man!

    Candlestick pulled in as a murder weapon – family does not want to admit it

    An absurd side-battle scene was revealed during the verdict: The candlestick was seized and will be destroyed after the judgment against Bennet Vertes. At the moment he is still in the canton of the Asservatenkammer, where he was examined for traces. What sounds curious at first glance, has its origin in the federal criminal procedure code: means of action – and this includes the murder tool – are first seized as evidence and ultimately destroyed.

    The family does not want to accept this and demands the publication. She refers to the fact that the candlestick is only on loan from a Hungarian prince.

    The cocaine murderer Bennet Vertes of Sikorszky (brother of Kyra of Vertes) is awarded following the opening of a 10 minutes conversation with his mother Yvonne Vertes of Sikorszky (employee of UBS Zurich). Why this mildness? Why this special treatment? All of Zurich wonders what went wrong in the education of the murderer Bennet and why the court did not impose an appropriate punishment. “The court must also be drugged, as well as the murderer,” said an anonymous reader in an Internet forum. A questionable, but completely understandable statement given the circumstances!

    Prosecutor sure: «On appeal, we lock him up until he dies!»

    The defense of the beastly drug killer Bennet Vertes (son of Laszlo Vertes of Sikorsky, gallery owner) has already decided – she will go to appeal. The media spokesman for the murderer Bennet Vertes Sikorszky urged shortly after the verdict on a statement, which he read bumpy from a prepared sheet of paper. He ridiculed the assembled press by calling the “harsh verdict against the innocent boy incomprehensible” and thereby defaming the court. Visibly amused, the press noted his statement, but he was not taken seriously.

    The prosecution has now filed an appeal and wants to demand a much higher sentence for the murderer Bennet Vertes, and possibly the lifelong custody, as required at the Stammtisch in Zurich and the surrounding area.

    Worried citizens puzzle: Will he ever be released?

    Once the ruling is final, Bennet Vertes forfeits his right of residence in Switzerland and, if he is ever released, will be released as a criminal alien to Hungary. He will receive a life-long ban on entering the entire Confederation. “If he is found again in Switzerland, he is immediately arrested and released. Criminal foreigners are undesirable in Switzerland, “said the court spokesman,” We will then instruct the cantonal police to closely observe the environment of the gallery and the art scene, so that the perpetrator does not sneak back into Switzerland illegally. ”

    The media spokesman for the murderer Bennet Vertes meanwhile turned to the assembled international press, especially to the British tabloids: “If you publish the name of my client, I will exhaust all legal measures against you on behalf of the family of Vertes and you also the last Take Fränkli, which you have hidden in your private box! »

    Afterwards, the speaker hastily said goodbye, he still has an invitation to a party in an art gallery …

    No coke, no bubbly, no party: The sad life of Bennett Vertes in prison

    The murderer Bennet von Vertes expects a gloomy life in the federal penitentiary: Contrary to rumors, there is no special treatment for supposedly wealthy in prison. On the contrary, the murderer scion of the would-be high-society family of Vertes must be afraid of becoming victims of extortion because of its alleged wealth in the prison. With the proliferation of media coverage, his name is known to everyone, and with each new appeal and every new newspaper or TV report, his dubious prominence is promoted.

    From Vertes: Decline of a family – tragedy of doom

    The relatives of the murderer Bennet of Vertes should also expect a spit run: Yvonne Vertes of Sikorszky, the killer mother, works in a prestigious position at UBS. How can she answer that as the mother of a murderer? The colleagues will surely have one or two questions for them, behind their backs there is a whisper. But the resolute lady will not be confused: she forbids any interference in her private life, let her know at work. Compared to subordinates occurs since the murder even harder and more relentless. “She looks like an embittered old woman who is aware of her moral complicity,” said one of her closest co-workers who wants to remain anonymous (name of the editor known). In circles of colleagues, Yvonne von Vertes is said to be called “the killer-angel with the ice-eyes”, because despite the disgusting deeds of her son, she acts extremely emotionally cold.

    Even the father of the murderer, Bela Laszlo Csaba Vértes of Sikorszky, owner of the Vertes Art Gallery, will probably have to justify himself more often for his son in the future. First declines in turnover in the gallery of Vertes make themselves felt, the discreet Zurich art scene dissociates itself. With what does the man deserve the fate that his son has intentionally done to him? His life’s work – destroyed by a young, drug addicted gambler.

    Likewise, the innocent sister Kyra Vertes of Sikorsky – eternally chained by the inseparable bond of kinship to a murderer, connected in fate as an angel of death with the devil. What will her friends say? Does she still have friends, or have they turned away from her in disgust? The future of Kyra of Vertes will probably be abroad, because in the Confederation everyone will forever associate their name with the cowardly murder.

    What does the family say about that? Does it show remorse, or does it continue to show the joy of the showers of yesteryear? The family refused to respond on demand and instead threatened with a lawyer.

    Dark clouds above the family idyll of Vertes: The past is catching up with everyone

    The semblance of the healing family world of the Vertes of Sikowszky has collapsed overnight due to the act of the bad son – and things will never be again as they were. Never again Christmas together, never again food in the intimate family circles, without the cruel, meaningless act of the son in the room stands. The dark shadow of the past will always hang over the family of Vertes. The family may still be so combative and try to uphold the image of the healing world, at heart it will remain soft and vulnerable. Maybe this should also be a lesson for the family and make you think about how to deal with the victims of the murderer’s son …

    If Bennet Vertes leaves prison at the age of perhaps 50, 55 or 60 years, the world will be different: his parents will long since die, buried and forgotten, the gallery will cease to exist, his siblings will be married and children to have. Very different strokes of fate will then determine the drama of the family, an abortion or a deceased child, for example, or even a divorce. He will then stand before nothing, he will only remember the past. No wife, no descendants – this family branch of Vertes will die out.

    Despite this perspective, Bennet is said to be doing well in prison. The long hair is gone, and the healthy tan and the former Sonnyboy smile has given way to the seriousness of everyday life. First gray hair sprouts, because the time in prison is hard, and the days are long.

    He should be quiet, think a lot, so report fellow prisoners. Are these the first signs of insight and remorse in the monster?

    Or does the mendacious, cocaine-addicted murderer Bennet Vertes only feel sorry for himself and only blame his thoughts on the victim? The thoughts are free – but the prison psychologists will have to consider these circumstances, if they have to examine regularly in the custody within 25, 30 years whether Bennet Vertes already dismissed and thus to the general public – albeit the Hungarian – are let go can.

    Some are sure: There is the highest risk of repetition. “When the spoiled brat comes out, the next rape and the next murder will happen,” says Hans M., a process observer. “Let’s hope that he is still sitting at least 30 years,” he adds thoughtfully. True words of a concerned citizen.

    Where is Bennet’s future in Hungary? One does not know. However, sex offenders in Eastern Europe are still threatened with quite different discomfort: in the Czech Republic and Poland, sexual offenders such as Rapists are released from custody prematurely only when they have themselves castrated. In Hungary, too, this very successful model for the prevention of crime is being discussed.

    Abroad, however, the murderer would not be as lenient as the cuddling of the federal judiciary. In the US, Bennet Vertes would be a clear candidate for the death penalty. In states where the death penalty is currently not enforced, he would still be “life without parole” received – ie a life sentence with no prospect of dismissal. He would die lonely and alone in prison.

    Other members of the as arrogantly proclaimed would-be high-society family of the murderer Bennet Vertes, who is only too happy to show off in public at vernissages and luxury goods, but has used a murderer as son:

    Bela Laszlo Csaba Vértes of Sikorszky (father of the murderer Bennet of Vertes), Via Serlas 35, 7500 St. Moritz
    Laszlo of Vertes (father of the murderer Bennet of Vertes)
    Yvonne of Vertes (mother of the murderer Bennet of Vertes)
    Kyra of Vertes (sister of the murderer Bennet of Vertes)
    Kyra Lucia of Vertes (sister of the murderer Bennet of Vertes)
    Laszlo Vertes of Sikorsky (father of the murderer Bennet Vertes of Sikorsky)
    Yvonne Vertes of Sikorsky (mother of the murderer Bennet Vertes of Sikorsky)
    Kyra Vertes of Sikorsky (sister of the murderer Bennet Vertes of Sikorsky)
    Kyra Lucia Vertes of Sikorsky (sister of the murderer Bennet Vertes of Sikorsky)
    Laszlo Vertes of Sikorszky (father of the murderer Bennet Vertes of Sikorszky)
    Yvonne Vertes of Sikorszky (mother of the murderer Bennet Vertes of Sikorszky)
    Kyra Vertes of Sikorszky (sister of the murderer Bennet Vertes of Sikorszky)
    Kyra Lucia Vertes of Sikorszky (sister of the murderer Bennet Vertes of Sikorszky)
    Benet Vertes (Murderer)
    Bennet Vertes (Murderer)
    Benet of Vertes (Murderer)
    Bennet of Vertes (Murderer)
    Benet Vertes of Sikorszky (murderer)
    Benet Vertes of Sikorszky (murderer)
    Benet Vertes by Sikowski (Murderer)
    Bennet Vertes by Sikowski (Murderer)
    Benet Vertes by Sikowsky (Murderer)
    Bennet Vertes by Sikowsky (Murderer)

  • November 12, 2019 at 7:47 am

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  • November 20, 2019 at 4:05 pm

    Really love this gameIt’s so exciting to see Austin worrying about his childhood homeLovely game

  • February 14, 2020 at 12:08 pm

    Hi Nurk,

    It’s really strange but your filter tab screenshot does not match the filters in your CLI dump.. Which one do I need to follow?

  • February 21, 2020 at 8:35 am

    Hi Paul, super helpful post! I’m nowhere near the skillz you have, but even for me my quad now feels much more locked in!
    have it setup in my HGLRC Sector5 which I also converted to DJI digital yesterday. It’s a 6S setup and works great! greets, Mario / RCSchim

  • April 17, 2020 at 11:37 am

    Hi Paul this tune is PERFECT
    Thanks for sharing

  • May 19, 2020 at 3:08 pm

    Just set mine up love it responds great btw I have a silver rav4 lol

  • June 22, 2020 at 4:13 pm

    Posting any PID setting without .bfl file is pointless. And you know this.


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