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Elite Drone Pilots Compete in the Drone Racing League

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DRL’s NURK Talks Drone Racing with the Niko Show

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DRL’s NURK shares insight into 2019’s drone racing scene

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Coverage from the Formula E E Prix Party 

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Johnny Bananas travels the world meeting different types of professional competitors and gets a crash course learning how to race drones from NURK.

Featured in a video created by “Freethink” an VICE-like publication that explores interesting stories about different topics around the world.

American Legion Magazine, April 2019
Cover photo, as well as full page. I was not the subject of the article (drones at large were), but it was an honor to represent the community.

Sport Techie: “Paul Nurkkala Found his Pro Racing Career Fixing a Toy Drone”

PhotoPXL: Instagram Feature