Product Photography Day 2

I spent some time this morning learning a little bit about camera exposure, aperture, and ISO, so that I could better utilize the different settings. The first picture, with the motors in a row uses an aperture setting of 2.5, allowing me to focus on the majority of the first motor, leaving the rest out of focus. In the second picture, of the Kratos, I have the aperture as far open as possible, bringing everything in the picture into focus.

kratos high apeture top full white



Some notes on the pictures from Zelkein:


lower ISO is a better image, I don’t know how your camera performs to give a number, but usually ISO upwards of 600-800 will still produce a clean image (after that you get unremovable grain). You can definitely have higher than 100 ISO. Taking the aperture from 2.5 to as high as it will go and look properly exposed (and remember you can use EV compensation as well for good exposure levels) you’ll get more in focus. Might be f4.5 or even up to f8 or so. playing with the f stop will allow you to have more viewable image (say motor 1 and 2) with a slower defocus to the last motor. I almost wonder aside from the lit acrylic bottom, if you couldn’t have a small 1/4-1/2″ stick slid under to raise the items and either at the angle you photographed or with slight change, it would be hidden. Does the stick thing make sense?

Last thing. Longer exposure, typically, typically, means softer image. variety of reasons

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