Say Sausage One More Time

sausage“Say Sausage one more time.”

My friends and I have completely fallen in love with this series that Auralnauts, a YouTube channel that parodies and overwrites the sound from various videos. They do dubs, write original music, and just make some amazing content. I put their Star Wars Jedi Party series on the level of Princess Bride as a cult hit within my family.

As a result, I made an app based around my favorite line in the show.


The current sausage count is:

Go here to download the source code for the entire app for free and change it up/update it/make your own Sausage app!

Download the Android App

Note: The app asks for a lot more permissions than it actually uses. I’m just a novice at permissions within PhoneGap, so it asks a little bit more than it actually needs.

What’s Next?

  • Write out build instructions/information on how to make your own version of the Sausage app/make it something that you can learn from.
  • Take the existing MEAN server, add a connection, and have the “Sausage” counter update in real time whenever anyone hits the “Sausage” button
  • Find a better-looking image of Sausages
  • Put app the Google Play store
  • Build a graph of the times that people have Said sausage.
  • Maybe Auralnauts will give me an official Sausage sound, rather than one stripped from the video?
  • Consider doing an iOS application, despite the large cost that it would incur upon myself..

App Changelog:

  • 2015-03-10 — Angular-ified the App, and added the counter via a MEAN server
  • 2015-03-09 — Initial version — just plays the sound byte

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