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I had the chance to meet Francis Sigan at F3 Expo, way back in Atlanta. At the time, he had recently started working on the Sigan Drone Project, which was based around an idea of creating a simple, protective frame with a skirt, that would help protect your motors, ESCs, Flight Controller, and receiver, by keeping everything locked away inside, without the possibility of ever being touched. Since then, he’s continued to develop and create newer and better models. I, personally, was never that interested in them until I came across the Sigan Stretch X, and specifically the sigan stretch X “HD”. This is is a 210mm stretched connex-prosight capabale pod quad that meets all of the Sigan Drone requirements.


Check out the Sigan drone website.

The livestream episode will be here:

How To

At XDC-HD, Francis demonstrated for me the capabilities of this rig and how it offers some unique flexibility that’s not possible with many other frames. I can’t yet demonstrate those capabilities, as I have yet to build the rig, but know that there are some cool things going on under the hood. My understanding is that there are some quirks in building this machine, so go ahead and check out a how-to build video here:

Parts List

For parts, I’m actually going to be tearing down my Atmospheric Adventures “Hercules”. I’ve never been very satisfied with the weight, stature, or reception with this frame, so I’m excited to swap all of the same components into a new frame for testing/comparison.

The ATMO Hercules that I built on the livestream a while back.

Parts list:

  • Motors: T-Motor F60/2450kv
  • ESCs: ZTW Flash 30A
  • Flight Controller: Flip 32 F3
  • FPV System: Connex Prosight
  • Frame: Atmospheric Adventures Hercules

See more details at Rotorbuilds:

All the parts for the strechx frame.
The custom 3d printed antenna mounts for the connex prosight
Motor reinforcements
3d printed skirt
Power Distribution and skirt
Bottom of the PDB
Bottom most plate
Top part of the bottom
All the hardware
Lipo strap

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  • February 9, 2017 at 2:50 pm

    Is the skirt upside down in the last two pics?


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