The VTX I really want

TL;DR: Give me a Unify with Solder pads and no stupid connectors. 


So.. the other day, I was reading up on a post that Serge “Piroflip” made about a new VTX that they were going to be listing soon — a new VTX from Maytech.

Here’s a link if you are a member of the group.

This post got me thinking a little bit about what I wanted from a VTX. While I think that what we’re seeing here is a pretty awesome VTX, I still think there is room for improvement.

We can all agree that the de-facto standard for high quality VTXes right now is the TBS Unify Pro Race VTX.  It does a lot of things very well, and there are some things that I don’t like about it.


  • This is not a beginner VTX
  • I’m sure there’s some sort of super sciency thing that I’m missing because I’m totally ignorant — and I’d be happy to be corrected
  • This is not supposed to be the BEST RETAIL VTX EVAR — it’s just what I personally would love to have in a VTX — BUT I wonder if anyone else thinks the same

U.FL Connectors SUCK

First, the U.FL connector needs to go. U.FL is a GREAT connection when you are limited on space — space is very tight on just about everything drone related at this point, and I totally understand why we started using it. HOWEVER — U.FL connections are, in my opinion, bad for drones — here’s why.

The spec for U.FL connectors requires that (1) the U.FL male (the part that sits on the VTX) is rated for unlimited plugins (which, in my experience, hasn’t been the case). However, the (2) U.FL female (the part that lives on the antenna/U.FL-> SMA lead) is rated for a measly 30 connections! From the specs for the U.FL female documentation ( “6. Repetitive Operation… 30 cycles of insertion and disengagement.” And that’s to say that you’re doing it with the correct tools and with the properly applied amounts of force. We all know that we don’t treat our miniquads with much finnese, especially when we are hurtling them through the air and ripping antennas off as often as possible (no, this isn’t happening very often for me, but it does happen, and when that U.FL connector is ripped off, it’s very tricky to get back on.

What I would love more than a U.FL connector would actually be just a straight up solder tab for the SMA lead. I can then choose my SMA-lead, choose the exact length that I need, choose the polarity of the SMA that I’m using, or just direct solder an antenna straight to the board. If the joint ever goes bad, I can field repair by soldering on a new lead or an antenna directly, I can make the exact right lengths that I need, and I never need to worry about what connectors or cables or spare garbage I have with me — I can just solder it together and put a dab of hot snot on it. It would be AMAZING!

Why are we stuck with weird plugs?

The second thing that I hate the most about modern VTXes is that we are stuck with these annoying plugs, which, if are broken or compromised (as everything eventually does on a miniquad), we are unable to plug that cable in, field repair it, or sometimes the VTX is shot altogether. This is why I started this article with the Pyro Drone VTX listed above — they did away with the connector and at least put through holes on the VTX — I call that an awesome start. CAN WE PLEASE just get rid of those connectors, and give me 5 solder pads on the ESC:

  • 5-26V IN
  • Ground
  • Video
  • Audio/Smart Audio
  • 5v out

And please don’t make these pads through holes — instead, save the space, put the pads on the top of the board only (make them healthy pads that won’t rip out), and use the other side for more components, shrinking the overall size of the board. The tabs that I currently love the most to work with are those on the lumenier Lux V2 Flight controller. Copy the size and spacing for these pads, and put them on the end of the VTX.

Get Rid of Pit Mode

I’m sure this was a good idea at some point, but let’s be real. We don’t actually use this.. When you’re at a race or flying with someone else, just DON’T POWER UP! NEVER. JUST wait for the heat to end, talk to the bloody race organizer, and don’t try faffing about with things like pit mode, which, if they don’t work, are just going to screw over other pilots. We don’t need this bloatware on our technology — just don’t bother with it.

Keep Everything Else From The Unify

  • Smart Audio — one of the greatest things to ever happen to VTX technology. Being able to control all of the video settings from your OSD I think has been revolutionary for FPV racing. It allows no-nonsense certainty as to what channel and power output people are on, and it allows people to build better, shoving their electronics deeper and deeper into the black abyss that are our builds.
  • Clean Power Up — the Unify doesn’t blast all of the channels when powering up. My local group, Team Indy5 all require each other to run the TBS unify video transmitter, and it’s saved us so much headache when we’ve organized all our local practices. When running Unifies, the clean power up mode nearly guarantees that we can all power up at different times and never bother each others’ video — it’s always clean and wonderful.


So.. basically.. TBS I’m looking at you. Give me a Unify where we don’t have any dumb U.FL connectors or weird plugs for the cables. I want to solder everything exactly to the length that I want them, and I want everything to be full customizable by me. Heck, even throw in all of the bits and let me decide whether or not to attach them.


Thank you very much — have an awesome day.


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10 thoughts on “The VTX I really want

  • August 8, 2017 at 11:29 am

    I want to +1 all over this post.

  • August 8, 2017 at 12:35 pm

    Finally man, somebody makes this post. It’s been really needed because I can’t say how many times I’ve broken a ufl connector other than too many times. One thing for tbs though, broken connector does mean more purchases? Tbs unify is still the best vtx still by far even if the u.FL connector SUCKS!! Hopefully Trappy reads this post you made and makes some alternatives.

  • August 8, 2017 at 1:07 pm

    I’ve had a change in heart about the u.FL connector recently because of u.FL antennas, but I’m totally with you about solder pads vs. tiny/hard to sources connector plugs. Good write-up 👍

  • August 8, 2017 at 1:53 pm

    Community suggestions include:
    – mic
    – separate pads for audio and smart audio

    • August 9, 2017 at 5:11 am

      > – separate pads for audio and smart audio
      ImmersionRC Tramp HV has this already, as well as the same price of the Unify but has the full range of mw available instead of only the 200mw of the racing edition (correct me if I am wrong)

      Good post, I like the ideas of solder pads and another connector.

  • August 8, 2017 at 2:41 pm

    A lot of problems with u.fl connections could be resolved by robust antenna mounting. with the u.fl Axii, there really isn’t a need to break an antenna ever again. Esp if you’re racing and don’t need the long range from mounting an antenna way out exposed to the stuff we smash into.

    • August 8, 2017 at 2:56 pm

      Great post I agree %100, all these UFL antennas make zero sense if your going to be asked to swap to LHCP or RHCP at some races, after 30 swaps it is a questionable connection? I know I am not gentle with them so probably less.

  • September 27, 2017 at 1:44 pm

    Great write up! I agree totally about the weird plugs. I recently got a flight controller that in order to connect the smart audio and get to the second uart I needed one of those weird connectors.. but the FC didn’t come with them.. So how was I supposed to do it, try and figure out what tiny weird connector it is and buy it online and wait a couple days or try and solder a tiny little pin to it..Luckily I had a 4 pin connector and even though it was a 5 pin plug, it still fit, just not on all the pins but I only needed one pin so it was fine. As far as the U.FL connectors, I do agree it would be easier to decide the length of the antenna that I want. I got the unify ftx and the cable is a little longer than I wanted, it would be nice to cut to the exact size I want so the antenna screw on port is exactly where I want it.

  • March 25, 2019 at 1:44 pm

    agreed, I seem to go through VTX like batteries, not sure what I”m doing wrong. I’d way rather solder to solder pads on the VTX than continue to solder and desolder wires on and off the FC just because every VTX manufacturer manages to find a completely different and non-cross-compatible connector. If they manufacturers can’t land on a common connector then eliminate the connector, or keep and and give us some solder pads. AKK seems to be going in that direction.


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