Two New Video Awards

So I’ve been a little quiet over the last few months/weeks, and I thought I’d come in and share a small update. A while back, I had submitted a number of different videos to a few different film festivals, and I wanted to follow up and tell you some of the standings from them. 

The first is the AirVuz Drone Video awards. I’d submitted a nubmer of films to AirVuz during the time that submissions were open, and they only accepted one: Envelopment. This video I’m very proud of and was very honored to have it chosen as the winner of its category. Please check it out here: 

Secondly, I submitted a number of different videos to the New York City Drone Film Festival. Two different videos were accepted and listed as finalists for their categories: “Flight of the Year 2018” for freestyle, and “Polaris: Bloodlines” for Action/Extreme sports. Flight of the year 2018 won the freestyle category! 

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