Updated Gear List

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my gear list, and a few products had lapsed and were being listed as pretty old, so from here on out in the future, I’m going to keep it better updated. ALSO, I’ve switched vendors from getfpv affiliates program to the Pyrodrone, where I think more of you guys are shopping anyways, so please consider using these links when you purchase! 

I’ll make some more exciting to look at posts in the near future, but for now here’s all the links! 

Parts on this drone:
Motors: Hobbywing 1750kv 2207 — http://bit.ly/nurkhw1750
Flight Controller: Whitenoise Synergy — http://bit.ly/nurksynergy
ESC: Hobbywing 60a — http://bit.ly/nurk60esc
Video Transmitter: TBS Unify — http://bit.ly/nurkunifyevo
Receiver: Crossfire Nano — http://bit.ly/nurkcrsfnano
RX Antenna: TBS Immortal T — http://bit.ly/nurkimmortalt
VTX Antenna: TBS Triumph — http://bit.ly/nurktriumphpro
Frame: Project 399 SuperG — http://bit.ly/nurksupergpyro
Camera : Runcam Racer 2 — http://bit.ly/nurkracer2
Lipo: CNHL Ministar 6s — http://bit.ly/nurkministar
Prop: Azure 5150 — http://bit.ly/nurkazure5150

DJI Products with this Drone:
Get Started with DJI: — http://bit.ly/djistarter
DJI but I want my own radio: — http://bit.ly/nurkdjinoradio
DJI Receiver Directional Antennas: TrueRC Patch for DJI — http://bit.ly/nurktruercpatchdji (requires 2, not necessary, but amazing)
DJI Receiver Omni Antennas: TrueRC Stubby Singularity — http://bit.ly/nurksingularitydji (purchase 1, comes with 4)

Other Peripherals:
Goggles: Fatshark HDO — http://bit.ly/nurkhdo
DJI Goggles: DJI Goggles and 2 Air Units — http://bit.ly/nurkdjinoradio
Goggle Receiver Module: IMRC Rapidfire — http://bit.ly/nurkrapidfire
Goggle DVR Accessory: IMRC Powerplay — http://bit.ly/nurkpowerplay
Goggle Battery Replacement: 18500 Batteries — http://bit.ly/34ywCHm (go in powerplay)
Radio: Taranis 9XD — http://bit.ly/nurktaranis
TBS Crossfire : TBS Crossfire — http://bit.ly/nurkcrossfire
Patch Antenna : TrueRC MX2 Patch Antenna — http://bit.ly/nurkmx2
Omni Antenna: TrueRC Matchstick Long — http://bit.ly/nurktruercmatchsticklong
FPV Bag: Think Tank FPV Airport — http://bit.ly/2DW67OT
Solder: — http://bit.ly/nurksolder
Soldering Iron: TS100 — http://bit.ly/nurksolderingiron
Lipo Charger: HOTA 15A — http://bit.ly/nurkhota

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